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Rationalizing cause the weed it elevates my mind 
A mile high, a mile high, so high
We smoke the weed cause it makes us feel so alive
When you're in Denver then
While the truth
Slowly dies

I know it's perfect
And there ain't nothing wrong
My work is to accept it, And not come on too strong

But I'm so in
Inner darkness
Inner darkness
Corrupt yourself
Inner darkness
Inner darkness
Condemn your soul

Civilization of darkened wills
Rationalizing the animal
type of guy or are you rationalizing?
Our God deserves glory, greatest of love stories
He's more than movies and TV, believe me He knows that
We be
on codependence day

With fireworks and power lines
Attempt to meld resolute minds
January first through New Year's Eve
We seem to spend rationalizing
I traded my mic in for the pipe
Started living the college life,
Drinking and smoking every day
Rationalizing to myself,
That I was going
was pouring into you while emptying me
It was rationalizing all your toxicity
It was hands around my neck with us on my back
It was pressure, pain,
really started to believe it 
Rationalizing that they were meant for him 

But I know that you're not the king of the setting sun 
I know what you are
Rationalizing failure when your efforts indivisible
So They're telling you be different, but they're all the same
Its Getting kinda hard living in the world today
my brain
I've been rationalizing how I'd
Do it all over again
I'd get the whiskey
And then the glass
I'd get the stomach pump
And then the oxygen mask
Unfeel the thrill
Come to your senses

They built a wall,
Fastidiously concerned with spiritualizing Rationalizing the unease
Aligning faith with
If I sold to the British
And I sold to the Irish
I've changed neither side of their equation 
Yeah, rationalizing came with age
And sin has paid me
How we feel and now you've made your call
To be an expat of all this 
We were weak
And now we're out of focus 

I'm not blessed
I'm distracted
I was analyzing, rationalizing, 95'in, deep sea diving
Trying to escape the truth
You're my weakness, you're my chocolate cake
My extra sugar
to relate
How I and God, and His voice to me
Would even begin to translate. 

So I wait 
To escape
This condition of rationalizing my own destruction.

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