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we don’t need more ratification
we have the verification
no necesitamos mas ratificación
nosotros tenemos la verificación
que gente anda pagando para
when I hit 
 (uh-huh) The fuse is lit, makin your whole crew split 
 No myth (word), yeah 
 I'm whippin evil everywhere, ratification severely severe
differences between us
Ratification is the aim
The world order is succeding
We will no longer be the same

Don't want to think there's no solution
But things
She feel this baguette in her chest piece
You see this money watch me come and bag it
Cheddar and cheese, I call that ratification way I turn these
Glorious ratification 
Time is at hand  
Roars of the crowds 
Decapitation's end  

Slow death march 
Climbing ever higher 
As blood flows 
Down the temple
red glare. The bombs bursting in air.
One nation. Indivisible? The truth is when the back-country
learned of ratification the People had a coffin

Fourth House establishes the terminus
A salient symbol in Cancer's division
Conjunctio for the centaur
nullification. Dark disciples termination.
Scattered remains, barren defecation.
Ground lies bloodstained, killing ratification.

But the truth is
The back country learned of ratification
The people had a coffen painted black
And solemnly born in funeral procession
They buried it
grave robbing
I should watch what I say

(In Parliament)
(An attempt to physically prevent)
(Ratification failed) yeah
Pull-pull-pull up that boy,

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