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There comes a moment in time
Before ascent or decline
You'll face your darkest hours
When other see in your face
The test of wills you've embraced
and ya rib, is how a few of us live
The rest is always in dept, feel the heartaches of stress
Can't argue 'cause God makes the test 
I hear oldies from
On the wire like a ragged old scarecrow
Bloody hands and broken back
When they fire see him pirouette solo
Jump in time to the rat-a-tat
What a night though
into effect
And black caught ?
No don't test me
Checks from the ass to the throne
Grown, I'ma do it my way
Oh, by the way, I don't play
So what you
And black caught [Incomprehensible]

No don't test me, checks from the ass to the throne
Grown, I'ma do it my way, oh, by the way, I don't play
and Bim 
Test what, test that, test this 
Your bet your real lab rat I'll let a test bit 
Running with the cannon I ain't talkin' nick 
I put 7 on your
Life's a mess don't stress, test, of giving
But be thankful that you're living blessed
Guess who's back, coming back with the track supplied
called you out
Now I've sold you out

'Cause the truth is this:
I finally know what they conceived so long ago
A baby rat for them to test
Yo yaow!, test test test, 
Check check check check
Is this working? 
Is it working, OK alright yo yo yo!

Testing testing one two three
Big up

Shoot you in yo head makin' sure your dead
Everybody's talkin' about the way that you bled
But ain't no rats around because the you is in
the chains
We're enslaved by our ignorant ways

We are hopeless, the only ones to blame
Feeding on the wounds, living off the remains
We are lab rats, for
it on


Hey yo I am the glory-fied of the story
child of a high crime rate category
they explore connect me to an I.Q. test
like a rat in
little rodents 
Are eaten up by cats 
We're subject to experiments 
Like laboratory 
Rats I've dropped a teacup 
How easily they break 
I'm on my
me be by myself again)
When you need it, you call hood-rats and critters
But when I want it I just call a babysitter
(Thank you, for letting, me be
4 pound, hit you up with rounds
Leave a man down
Wrappin on a rat
The Infamous nuff said (Enough said motherfucker)
and when it
the male clinic, Minnesota
I couldn't get cake, a rock in a hard place
For me, that's a odd place, I'm only here by God's grace
Like a lab rat, them tests
a rock in a hard place
For me, that's a odd place, I'm only here by God's grace
Like a lab rat, them tests dishonor Cam
Ultrasound, MIR, CAT scan, sonogram
Gave a lady some wrinkle cream out of rat poop 
You might just laugh so hard your skull cracks 
Brain spills thick blood shooting out like
myself as the Hungry Hustler, Afroman.
I am the American Dream. Even though the government tried to experiment with me
By placing me in the projects, I'm
Aw shit
let that pussy nigga write what's out
ah, that nigga don't know nothin 'bout us soldiers
what, what
[Chorus 1] - repeat 2X
Test that
Sulking and bulking a half
sulking a laugh crash test
figure the mixtures digging up his last breath
grief leaf thief briefly turned chieftan
on behalf of his bitch
Powder on her nose, her eyes began to twitch
The captain ain't no fool, he smelled the sloppy rat
He grabbed her by the throat,

Now his bitch is my bitch
Ain't that a trip how I'm a crip
But I won't hesitate to test another rip
See that's the plan I was brainwashed not
Here's one, it bust louder than a normal gun
Here's one, fire one and fire on and on
Ambush, we have bush and we have tech psycho
Run by and rat
Follow me as I descend into madness
With gladness,
For years I've been surrounded by this badness
No time to waste
Its high time I escaped out

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