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You never face your mistakes
You never look back and say
That you were wrong per se
You want full forgiveness
But you’re so rancorous
You want to hear
Scurrilous, wide spread death
Punitive, stagnant mess
Rancorous killing spree
Punishing massacre

Eternal insanity fueling the need
To randomly
it on big time 
Bring it on, bring it on down 
Bring it on 
The rancorous return from their graves 

Won't you 
Bring it on, bring it on big time
in the underground, scream out loud
Remain as I am, never be with the crowd
I am ravenous, rancorous, stab at your brain
Spit savageness, hatred at all
hands around my ankles
Rancorous is bliss - my only appetite
A person who is trapped just might find a way to slip right through the cracks
Right through
Aeons of building rage
Death an immortal cage
Now they are freed
Livid beasts
Rising now for revenge
From the past
Hate comes alive
enzymes, rennin and rancorous cysts
A festering abcess immersed in ravenous autolysis...

Breaking down of dead tissue fuels methane gases
A smouldering
Pushing past crashing swells
In this dank haggard craft

Woeful dark whirling murk lurks above rancorous
Oppressive biting winds hurl themselves
Crude attempts in national interests   
leave a land torn and in distress
Rancorous bankers push for tankers   
It's hard to see a solution with so
must have done that brought me here

I cannot find the answer to this question
I carry this damning pain of guilt
Like a rancorous obsession

And so I
rancorous, there's just
Nothing I would change for us

If I'm thinking 'bout you in the morn'
You got me more than ever
Don't know what I got 'till it's gone
Ignoring hallowed cries
Inflicting horrid pain
Body count starts to rise
Cruelty guides their means
Methods rancorous
Unmatched killing spree
Rancorous ages had grown iniquitous

Unleashed old rancor
Relentless in blackened to be
Fierce torment of hatred
For honour obscure
To thee

Fire my
hydrochloric acid is the fatty
breakdown of flesh and organs fill the pit creating a vulgare paste,
revolting vile rancorous goo eats you alive, soon
your face
Your breech still emitting rancorous poo
Pour another bowl of butthole stew

Your anus wiped clean with antiseptic pads
heinous disease Lethal butchery Psyhotic raving culture Pestilence of hate  Scathing truculence Rancorous plague of ferocity Defenestration Vehement

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