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The rail line rumbles
You move in the porch with me
On an overcast day
The pale winter city
An afternoon's debauchery

Your blouse your skirt
I left Louisiana on the rail line, oo oo
I left Louisiana on the rail line, oo oo
I was trying to get to Ohio
Trying to get to Ohio

Lost my
At the bottom you set it down 
From the top I counted you out 
Cascading, the end draws near 
These rail lines, drown in fear 
In the dark days,
Up on the mountain
Caught on the rail line
Up on the mountain
Caught on the rail line

My brother, let the heart just beat
Drink your wine,
Just outside of Antietam, where once there was a mighty battle,
I heard the rhythm of the hammers Beating the rail lines together. 

The rumble of the rail line on her way
And the summer lights fallin' down
Let's go run away
You will always hear the call 
You will never live
where blue line rails begin
Beneath where blue line rails begin

Messy living
I could sleep all day
Itching, wishing
We can find a holy place
lost my mind
Well, life ain't worth living
Feel like I were dead

I'm gonna lay my head
On some lonesome rail-railroad line
And I'm gonna let
down like the rain 
Tie him down, ball and chain 

Hard time on the rail road line 
Like a waste case that's out of place 
Hear the church bell
sleeping on a space grey sky
Just another mad man day on the road
My dreams are fading down the rail ways line
I am just about a moonlight mile down
the steel of the rails 
Parallel lines
Parallel lives

You and I
We're movie-rich 
We're reflected in the window
The dark night's black mirror glass
The moment ends though I feel winds
Blowing differently than ever before
And they're pushing me further from shore

A frothy cap the steady slap
Of lines
then I'd have you when I'm gone
Whistle blows, blowin' lonesome in my mind
Calling me along that never ending metal line

Steel rails, chasing
have you when I'm gone
Whistle blowing, blowing lonesome in my mind
Calling me along that never ending double line 

Steel Rails, chasing sunshine
Spun steel spark on three rail thin lines

See a minor, a little girl
Ask if she would like for instance some fudge
But I didn't budge, and said I
Hey there
Look in the mirror
Could it be clearer
End of the line

Way off the rails
Next door to nowhere
Lamp burnin' low where
that's green tea
People standing in line for two rails of Oxiclean
People standing in line to nuke themselves with ketamine

It's artisan raw
Fireworks, Buy One Get Five Free.
Texas is the land of the free.

Kreuz's is the king on the Lockhart rail line 
Hall full of trestle tables,
Fat soaked
, ties and rails fall into line bearing kindness
Where will you go, if not here?
What will you say when you write to us?

This is a world of terrible
your freedom 
Take the time 
Don’t go off the rails 

Hold the line 
You need to paint this image 
Take the time 
These walls need flavours
(it happens all the time)

Lines are built and rails can carry you 
(it happens all the time)
Animals are scared and run from men
(it happens
Left eye spins in circles
Passives line the rail
They get no satisfaction
From the electra-static breaks

A beat can't cut the Passives loose
The full moon touched the cold steel lines
The rail bed was frozen with ice
In the distance an engine was keepin' good time
The steam whistle
Pitchers, shots, lines, rails, bumps, stacks
All that
Wavy, maybe, bout to take a break
If and I fall flat.

If I work a double
I'mma gotta have

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