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I'm Radiating

Darkness fading
Because of you
Strings attached our souls are blended
When I'm sad you can feel it wanna mend it

Past the point

warp four

Warp five warp six
I'm giving her all she's got
Warp seven
Just radiating hot
Warp 8
I brush her hair to the side
When her lips touch mine
makes us tender
In golden hours
Radiating lovers
In golden hours
Intertwined with bright red firelight

Paint to the soundtracks we both love
Do fall onto
Vibratory Nancy the cheating side of heaven 
angels mutating in their radiating genes 
we feed each other's demons 

Morsels beyond reasons 
Only makes us tender 
In golden hours 
Radiating lovers 
In golden hours 
Intertwined with bright red firelight 

Paint to the soundtracks we both
And everyone gets so excited as it all start to rise 
All the time all the time radiating 
More heat than light 
More it than light 

They've been spitting
thriving in the tranquil depths

enthroned by the sea

radiating cosmic light 

of the stars long dead

radiating cosmic light 

of the stars long dead
You caught the sun like a prism, dispersing colours, radiating heat
Sometimes we'd be on top of the world
And sometimes we'd be beneath
You are
precious life blood
A mutual instinct shared between distant relatives

Untouched roots claw into the virgin soil
Synthesized by a solar stare
Radiating from
so high. up to the point where i´m radiating from the uv´s,
I´m radiating from the uv´s.
We´re looking for spacejunk.
old melody?
Hot Cali sunshine, radiating late June
Driving up the coastline, top down, me and you
Seashells, sand angels, taking in the sunset
I feel the sunrise as it's radiating everything is fine, it's mine
I'm looking from the inside to the outside of the obstacles I find, in time

Whoo, supernatural, ha ha
Did you see that shooting star?
Cross the sky spectacular
Having fun,
By a mile
Radiating crazy style.
The universe,
Aching radiating out
In circles around my house
Whooo whoo whoo whoo

Things to do yea well I've got them in my room
I've got it going on
And I could
halleluja halleluja the chore has broke out
And I looked out and saw the lamb with eyes like fire radiating radiating with desire
And he said what's yours
Taking my time to do as I please 
Could you believe in heaven 
If heaven was all you had? 

The sun is beaming, radiating 
All the love we are
in my fingertips
Radiating onto you
I can't control it, can't even hold it
It's knocking on your door and you know what it's foor

I put
Golden halos radiating higher
Diamond visions softly breathing fire
Sky processions we are watching you arrive

Silver crystals arching beams
the terrified masses
Leaving in its torturous wake nothing but vicious, cannibalistic
Mutated, radiating, and horribly disfigured hordes of satanic killers
hot, red hot
Baby your heart fulfills my desire

Oh baby you're just radiating to me
Your heart just burns right through me
Oh you can start me
Standing in between extinction in the cold
And explosive radiating growth
So the warm blood flows
Through the large four-chambered heart
We are laughing.
We are kneeling.
We are laughing.
We are radiating at last.

This rebellion is just a gas
Our gas a gas that we pass.
Is it strained, when I call you
Or do you think, that I might forget
oh your love, is radiating
The farther away
I go.

Do you count, on me now
Desolate and without purpose
Radiating from so many septic sources
Forming the fabric of a wayward people
Disappearing as the vestiges of our past

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