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and my sister who has been dismissed by all the racial slurs and taught she’d have to be a mother
This for Elijah and for George, fighting for our freedom
Perfect peace subliminal
I may be happy even though you acting trivial
Anti-Racial slurs just be liberal like cereal
They partially imperial
You may
glass like a coaster
Backseat driver, racial slurs at the chauffeur
Killian loafers, Mikimoto chokes her
Photo-op is priceless, frame our wanted
That can be all sculptured and glazed with gloss
Call the shots that Bill Belichick would call
Snake niggas slither all in the glass house, racial
hop the curb
Racist-ass jakes wildin', spittin' out racial slurs
Stay calm and be patient, grip and guard your nation
Next time they pull out from
racial slurs
And see who kills the other first
the courtrooms
Shootin birds at the judges
Fuck Teks and go and plug us out on racial slurs
Destroyin documents or complaints from black workers

I'm fucking asthmatic, my records problematic
Talkin' to myself because my therapist done had it
All the racial slurs from the wangsters playin'
to the internet
What would you prefer?
Would you like to fight for civil rights or tweet a racial slur?
Be happy
Be horny
Be bursting with rage
We got
Use a caucasian racial slur and bet they won't wanna hear it
Cause niggas the only slur considered a term of endearment
Ever notice other mother fuckers
teachers cus they mastered patience 
They own classroom hate them & called them racial slurs 
Yet they return to work everyday was makin me learn 
Can I truly hate you if what you say is true
Can ignorance and racism make anyone like you
Your racial slurs and naïve jests are really fucking rich
I'm ambidextrous yo man be on some extra shit
So we packing in the jam
Like some Mexicans
Trust me dog that ain't no racial slur
If you ain't already
didn't want to hear my testimony
I can call it some baloney
Second time I got banned
I yelled a racial slur in the dining area, they asked me
the vultures call

Divided by color and racial slurs
Divisive nature has gotten worse
This is the plague that has no cure
How much more can society endure

enough he just might try and take it
Ill have a nigg next ER like a racial slur
Treat him like some weave, heat him up like a straightener
Im connected
You wanna know 
What it's like to be a minority
You wanna know 
How it feels to be seen as a criminal
You wanna know
What it's like to hear racial
the power of the misguided

The atomic bomb of racial slurs
Everyone uncomfortable after hearing this foul word
What if I educated you about the acronym
To be
The world is so fucked up
We're on the brink of war
And gettin blown up
And to make the matters worse
People walk around just throwing racial slurs
But trust
Like an old racial slur
With merchandise 
I ain't picking any

Landed in Spain
Queen beside me got eyes of the foreigners on us
She dark as a charcoal
I keep my mind off of the news with blue faces
Diamonds freezing in my ears like burr
Catch a beating with that racial slur
I lost my job while back
Meeting my friend that just ignores me, had to walk with crutches for one whole week
Couple walk past me calling me racial slurs, I go away and for myself I
Pinktape nigga
Always on that sonic shit
Lil tokyo shopping spree
Bitch I'm built different
Eeny meeny miny moe
Add a racial slur
Me and goblin building shit
Pizza for here

[Verse 3: Wan Shey]

But, for third verse I get to drop curse 
Like I use na racial slur, my opinions di make buzz 
So take heed, know I’m

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