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can keep you cold of man 'cause you won't get nothing sweet out of me

I'm quitting, (quitting), quitting,(quitting), quitting, I'm quitting you
of all the chaos I cook up

So I'm quitting all the energy I put in the wrong place
Quitting all the hope I hold upon the human race
Quitting looking for
me to stop writing 
Told me I'm not made for this so quit rapping 
There's something 
There's something I want you to know 

I'm never quitting 
I'm all in never slowing never quitting nah (Never quitting)
I'm all in never slowing never quitting nah (Nah nah)
I'm all in never slowing never
But what's done is done
We had our fun
But now it's time to save myself so I'm
Quitting you
You better listen to these words
Coz I'm not gonna tell you
that I'm through
I'm quitting drinking but I'm also quitting you
I'm quitting drinking but I'm also quitting you

When I drink tequila I start getting
Goomer Dinic always living never quitting living life just like it's a motherfucking game yeah
Goomer Dinic always living never quitting living life
wouldn't blame me
Everybody else was doing it
I wanted to be famous, I wanted to make money
But now I'm done with this bullshit

I'm Quitting YouTube (I'm
See its Checkers Not Chess and
All I need is One yes
Gotta Move
Gotta Go
Even if gas tanks On E
Aint No Quitting in Me
See i got Big some Dreams
up dreaming loveless open lines
I'm coming baby don't you leave me when i got you getting right

Not quitting you
Not quitting you
Not quitting you
like this
Don't leave me here again
I'm not quitting on you
There's no one else
You're not quitting on us
No running out

The color in your shirt
through quitting you yet
One more ride on the bull that's been bugging me
One more chance of breaking my neck
One more night if you're not done lovin' me
I been flirting with my quitting point
Try to stay focused but I get annoyed
Everybody on my back like vertebrae
If you ain’t talking money, I ain’t
Hustle out the mud yea that's how we get it
Ain't no sign of quitting cuz this how we live it
But we ain't wasting our prime, no
We gonna make it in His
These people ain’t playing they're part and already quitting it (They’re quitting it)
They’re melodies are never heard cause they never pull

Intuition intuition on my hustle gonna get it
Gonna get it ain't no stopping ain't no quitting
Ain't no quitting cause I got intuition intuition
My mind is always tripping, time is always slipping
But I gotta go through it so I flow that’s right I do this
No time to think of quitting, my
In this race, first place
Yea I'm whipping
Dank rolled up
On this mission
I ain't quitting
I'm heading to the top
And I'll be there for a minute
last trip tonight, I promise you it's quitting time 
Aw, aw, aw
It's a hard place to fine, but I can see it in my mind 
Yea, yea, yea, now

Yea (oh
my block
I gotta do it for my dad
I keep going ion stop nigga
I’m a lion on a rock nigga
Ian quitting till I drop nigga
I’m bout to break me a bag
the bigger man now
It’s never been the same wow
I’m just kidding
I don’t want you get quitting
I’m just kidding
Fuck off I’m just living
I need this
flippin (flippin)
She can't go another round I'm trippin (trippin)
Shitting, shitting
I just be shitting on niggas
Quitting, quitting
I'm never quitting my
I was quitting
Or my hustle failed
I been pressing and investing
Trying to up the scale
While you was wishing
I was quitting
Or my hustle failed
She’s quitting cigarettes
Am I just that lucky
She’s saving every breath
She says the habit’s up
And she craves the parts of me nobody ever wants

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