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Got the top of his lip foaming up
Like he just drunk a beer
Let's go

We quenching and drenching
We quenching and drenching
We quenching
Damsels and dames wild and tame
Damsels and dames quenching my flames

I like the look of your candlelight gaze
Come let your tongue tell what your heart
Listen to the sound of the raindrops
Washing away all your cares til the pain stops
Quenching the fire, killin the flames
Rejuvenating the soil
Some say it's putting out the fire
Down below Down below
Quenching all the thirsty desire
Of lost forgotten souls
There's a lot of speculation
Where that
On the right time
Hit me on the hotline
Waiting for the sunrise
I feel the heat

I'm quenching, thirsting
Body on body
Skin touching skin
Quenching your thirst and heart all at once
It's getting dark and like me, I know
You fear dying less than being alone

Once the sun lets go for the day
oh with weight
I done played my old cards
She pulled out an ace

Never thought a soft flower could imprint on my skin
Some quenching nights
While I'm all up in you
Your legs start quenching 
I'm taking your soul 
I got you so sleepy 
But I'm ready for more 
I'm feeling Freaky
I'm feeling
and quenching a power mad thirst for the mightiest

of might, They ride!


The riders of Tulsha doom

Ave domine! Ave domine!

[III. The Cimmerian oath]
I love you endlessly
I could love the moon and the rain
Shining on my pillow
Quenching the thirst inside of me

We've been drawn so close
And a thirst-quenching, mind-bending
Pill-popping and a pint-pulling
And a thirst-quenching, mind-bending
Pill-popping and a knife-pulling

People come knocking, but
the fresh out the Mmm
I got the colorful mmm
Damn she want me I feel like a purse
In her mouth boy I feel like a curse
In the lake that bitch quenching my
and how I was raised that didn't faze me
Stop with the hating
Mixing the shaming
Quenching my cravings
Fixing my spaces
Just let it all out
seeing is nothing
Numbing the feelings
Numbing the mind
Quenching creativity
Numbing the feelings
Numbing the mind
Quenching creativity
required to quench my desire
Baby, na your body be the lighter wey dey spark up my desire
Spark up my desire
Maybe na your body be the quenching wey my
I'll extinguish

Feeble fables quenching thirsty sinners
Dehydration has never looked so sweet
Thank me later

I'll destroy the ties
Cut cords
Dolomite on the license plate. 

Funhop is a lyrical buffet
Dave Miller Band is the soup of the day
Iceman is drinks, quenching thirst 
Always room for
the talk
Hunnies they quenching they thirst
Pull up on you ain't no bluff uhm
What's with that lil nigga cupid
He miss every time he be shootin'
Always high
you life? Cos I'm living
Rain down and lift me up with all your energy
I'm not dry, I'm dripping
Water that I'm sipping
We're quenching thirst of you
keep it
Just like I keep you
I'm the reaper, reap you
Haunting not see through
Quenching your sweet tooth
I've got memories for you
Memories for you
Quebec outback view
Real estate for two
Sexiness is in your eyes
To me, you looking to lock
Uncanny: ability
We've just created history
the reality
We are living in a suicide
Veiling the pain of truth
Thoughts spreading disease
Quenching ourselves with pain
The world in embers, we will suffer
burn you in sleep
Take of His grace, no anger will linger
Quenching the fire the devil does keep

Corner cut from his cloak
Hand stretched against my own
on the prowl 
For whatever it's worth
Put my nose to the dirt
I'm steady quenching the thirst
I'm on the prowl 
I'm awake when you sleep
Full moon to the streets

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