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passed me by
Missed my tears, ignored my cries
Life had broken my heart, my spirit
And then you crossed my path
You quelled my fears, you made me laugh
Catch her scent follow her every movement
Just happen to align to her advancement

Measure your mate well
Let all your cravings be quelled
As we dance
Annul a race, destroy a kind
I'll take their land, I won't lose mine
Murder honored [misprinted as "honered" in CD liner notes?], peace is quelled
inherit the earth 
And the Church advances on the gates of hell 
And she clings to a light that will not be quelled 
By the kingdoms of this world
Are quelled
With effective measures

The sentence is read
Word that you dread

Walk through Hell's gate

You've lost your head
the yearning I've quelled
As I strike towards the Pantheon
And what therein is held
Resistance is quelled, its birth incomplete
No chance to succeed
And those, those who don't care if you live or die
Are never around to shoulder the blame
and ravings were soon quelled by
Eriel's quiet urging and the two settled into serious
conversation. Eriel knew his time of assimilation was
near and only

Supplies are running low
Starvation now awaits
Reinforcements will not show
The day is much too late

Broken and weak
Never give in
Dum-diggy, bump Biggie
'Til the landlady holler, get a haircut, hippie
The death knell generator entertain a fresh kill
Breath quelled dressed
in joy 
My thoughts would be for her 

A fortnight in your bed 
Was heaven brought to earth 
The wounds that paint our skin 
Had quelled our hopes
to her lips
She quelled her desert thirst with frequent sips
She placed her offer at his fingertips

Taken by a kiss of Nyx
A trinket in her bag
the hint
But this is not a torch song
The fire never raged. No, it was quelled
The summer came too late and my heart was locked away
The key is encased in
an empty hand
Saw no lure in the handsaw eye

Poor bell quelled the battle-cry
Brought the bird-call into the fold
The voice ran away far from eye
For when, you're down
When your feet
Can't lift you
Off the ground

When your dark
Take ahold
For years
With songs that you've
it be that our appointment's run its course are we the liable ones it seems we've ceased to even care has subjugation quelled the revolution that once
I'm taking you down with me into this Hell of Hells. Stabbed in the throat, sputtering blood, my need is never quelled. You must stand here before me,
stock two barrels and a handful of shells
Rebellions quelled
Oceans swell
Thoughts prevail
Heaven or Hell

Bass raps unchained
Overseer saw

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