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you're gonna do a job, you better do it proper, better be prepared, yeah (yeah)

Quality (quality), quality (quality)
Quality (quality), quality
Quality time
Quality time with you (Quality time)
I'll be right there for you (Baby)
I'll spend quality time with you (Ho...gonna
On Quality Street

I have heard of playing around with numbers
But one is all I need
She can't be beat, she makes me complete
On Quality Street

I have
Y'all ready?
This what it's all about right?
The quality
The streets
The music
Quality street music, nice

Quality shit, they holla we it
I got that HQD that's high quality (shhhh) (na na na na na, na na na na na na) 
You need that HQD, high quality (na na na na na na, na na na na na
on existence can't cover your double face,

Quality or quantity 
Quality or quantity 
Quality or quantity a choice you have to make,

Dipping in the icing,
Your guests will go insane
For me

'Cause I'm serving up quality
It can't be beat
If you're not down
Vote with your feet
My quality, biology
The way you move
It's got quality

Come on baby, let's go downtown
Little girl, you sure look good to me
The way you move
It's got quality
男たちの視線で また綺麗になる
声をかけてるあなた 百年早いよ
世界一の女に ふさわしい歌を
他の収録曲と 違い明らかにして
That's Great Sound.
That's Great Mix.
(High Quality Song)
te extraño
Mientras más pasan los años
Yo sé que te hice daño
Dame la opportunity que aquí hay quality

Bebé, te extraño
Mientras más pasan los
me closer to you
You have a special quality
You're bringing out the best in me
You have a special quality
You are pulling me closer to you

would like to be the only
In your life
I want to be the only man
Real quality time and affection
One man cyaan run her locked combination
All she
"And it was just about the time
For the part of the close
When the hinges went out flyin' off
The motherfuckin' doors"

Superior sound quality
reasonable (yeah)
How am I gonna make my g's,
If you got my album before the release,
The quality's rubbish and there ain't no sleaves,
Do you deem that

Love with a quality, live ya learn
That's the best that a heart can do
Face the reality, love can hurt
That's the best that a heart can do
to bend over
Make you jam the ting enter
I guess you're giving it to someone else

If you don't give me quality attention attention
If you don't give me
for like put you for repeat
For repeat hear me say
Quality quality eh girl you got it all
On top your body you know say
For sure for sure
My girl I'ma
means most to me it's quality time
Hey, if you wanna get
Oh, close to me (Close to me)

You say, hey, baby
Look like a lady who knows about love
I don't
a cartoon and she nuh real
Gyal a get di lovin you a get di money (yuh see)
Bumper bump up cos yuh full a quality
Trailer load a girls dem gwaan
There ain't no beauty 
And there ain't no style
There's no quality 
And there's no purity
Honor's dead and buried 
Because it's unnecessary
flowsito top quality (eh)
Pronto de gira y hago una escala por Miamity
Está de loco' pero se volvió normality
Y yo ya me enteré, como Jhayco lo dijo en

Pay, The Greenbacks, 
Now you give me what I want
Make it rain cash.
Pay me, The Greenbacks
You wanted something top drawer bitch
You want quality
for the country or the man in town
You're gonna need a quality shoe

You don't want no stand-by pair
'cause these'll take the wear and tear
some good luck
And a good fuck
A nice glass of wine
And some quality time
Is gonna make you mine
(But it's not what I'm trying to find)

I know

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