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Black Guys when I get busy like the L.I.
Well I, swing it back and forth like a leaf
Without traffic I flow like the B.Q.E.
But I can pass niggaz
funky niggao that funky nigga doe
Kickin' in doors you beta grab ya hoe
I see ya cruisin' in the late night 
Creepin' wit my nigga B-Legit and 40
Beta, Rogers, Alpha, Zebra 2 fois, Alpha (Izi life)
La vie est pleine de surprises
Des bonnes, des mauvaises
C'est plus du Scorsese que Tavares et
and get awayz like OJ (clean)
the rip gut, he got the canibalistic Q-Z
and the illigitimate got anotha 16 (umm humm)(ha)
you see, the front page newz,