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than that, nigga, it's now
Huh, yeah
What they call that nigga?

Mr. Pyrex, Mr. Pyrex (working, working, yeah)
Mr. Pyrex, Mr. Pyrex (working,
got that twenty-twenty Pyrex vision (let's go)

Let's go nigga, nothin' slow nigga, want some mo', nigga? (Mo', nigga)
For sure nigga, rule number
whipping, counting, crowning
Pyro vision, pyrex princess
Now I just made another hunnid thousand
Now I'm dripping water, drowning
Hydro, whipping,
But shit knowing me, I'ma throw a T.D.

I'm in the kitchen, with the Pyrex shaking
I'm 'bout my game, ain't got time for the faking
I might be rapping,
bitch pants
I bought a Pyrex pot put it next to my wrist
And I look at it dance
Dasher, Rudolph, and Prancer
Percocet, molly, and xans (Percy)
Quarter flippin', in the kitchen, workin' with the Pyrex

She bringin' on the dickin' down, we ain't even done it yet
He bought it 'fore I
That mean your shit is never coming out
Sean Price, I'm forever dumbing out, pyrex

Pyrex, a microwave, and a whisk
You're probably thinking I'm baking
hustle on, nigga get ya hustle on [4X]
We take the Pyrex and then we rock with it, roll with it
Take the Pyrex and then we rock with it, roll with it!
in both arms
They gave it to him, peel it

Kill niggas, let it die, live with the feelings
We don't know no other way, just get millions
Pyrex kings
Gucci Mane (Gucci Mane)
Big Cat, Laflare (Big Cat, Laflare)
Let's get it (let's get it)

Half a brick in a pyrex pot
Trying to make me a dope
halves, got zips, got cuties
Got pounds, nigga tell me what you want
In the kitchen with a pyrex pot
Turn it up a notch, yeah I'm 'bout to cook it up
Raised in the south like Grizzy One Fiddy
So I don't ever stray far from a nizzy
If I ain't in a trap house with a Pyrex
Then I'm at a girl's yard
ραντεβού σε γιαπί
Και το check μου το θέλω με bonus

Τώρα είμαι ψηλά, χρόνια πολλά, χιόνια πολλά
Ένα pyrex για το tour, μ' όλο το crew, διακοπές στο Peru
the duct tape?
How can I forget the plastic wrap?
How can I forget the Pyrex?
Where would I be?
Can't imagine that
How can I forget?
How can I forget?
you, got somethin' Lord that'll honor you
Blow your little head off while you're tyin' your shoe
But back in the kitchen, Pyrex's
Occupied by
Pyrex vision
Catch a contact standing next to my kitchen
Hear the twenties, fifties, hundreds, the money machine clickin'
And my Rollie ain't tickin',
shotgun that I just bought, bigger than my daughter, oh
If you wanna fuck 29, gotta book an appointment (yeah)
Got a Pyrex bowl on the stove just boiling
Ugh! D-boys be the livest
D-boys be the livest, (ugh) d-boys be the livest (ugh)
All I want for Christmas is my Pyrex
All I want for Christmas is
Baking soda, fork in the pyrex
Aquafina water nigga Fiji
Baking soda, fork in the pyrex
Space age pimpin' MJG
Remix stack up, compress, future
Butterknife and scrape the Pyrex cookin'
White tan, oh ohhh ohh
White tan, oh oh
Yo oh oh
White tan oh oh

Shit, I got to feelin' myself
I'm a gangbanging, chain swanging, chopper toned zone six nigga (Hey)
Pyrex whipper (Pyrex)
Louis V slippers, Saint Laurent pistol (ey)
dirty, fluffy, tan, extract oil cut from cuban plants
The chemist is brolic, pyrex scholars
Professors at war over raw, killing partners for a million
Zone 6 nigga, Pyrex whipper
Ayy, Pyrex, uh, cook up
Yeah, uh, this shit finna be hard as fuck, slime
No cap, fuck you thought it went?
quite a lot (course)
Mummy told me that I always buy quite a lot (uh)
She don't know what's weighing a thousand of eight (no)
Coke in my Pyrex, I'll

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