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Mind of Mystikal (Mystikal) · Mystikal (Wallace Roney) · Mystikal (Mystikal) · The Crook of My Arm (Alasdair Roberts) · Crook by da Book: The Fed Story (Project Pat) · Crook by da Book: The Fed Story [Clean] (Three 6 Mafia) · Penetration Point [Crook'd] (Nasty Savage) · The Adventures of Captain Crook (Klaus Layer) · Crook County (Twista)

made you a slave and he gave you a bible
400 years gettin' our ass kicked
By so-called christians and catholics
But I watch 'em burn in a fire
gettin paid even if they shit is small time
All your dimes'll get took, yo watch them sling (?) them things
Cause they nothin but a gang of crooks
of gettin' our ass kicked
By so called Christians an' Catholics
But I'm a watch 'em burn in the fire
See I'm a G, that's why I ain't in your choir

What's the matter wid these niggas man?
Nah man I'm puttin this shit up
Fuck dat man
Ya'll niggas want me to be a crook again
I know how to do that man
Chant tunes by the Whispers
Same corner where I banged at with niggas
Cops drive by and grin on us
If they grabbed then 
One of them nosy
ya (yeah) 

About 5'4", my .45 is live (uh, uh) 

Don't ya get live? Never judge your man by size (uh, yo) 


I'ma do my thang,