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My halo slips over my eyes 
My nice dress rips and I don't cry 
What am I doing here 
when I just want to wear

PVC (it's my favourite plastic)
Protecting me nation
Me say chase dem
Chase dem politicians
Get your pvc and chase dem
Me say chase dem politicians
When I see them I gat cold
Tu vuoi far l'amore more in PVC
Non sprecare il tuo cuore
Baby riciclami
Tu vuoi far l'amore more in PVC
Non sprecare il tuo cuore
Baby riciclami
Ended up in a stranglehold on a PVC chair too young to realise too young to care

Ended up in a stranglehold on a pvc chair too young to realise too

Latex gloves, smack so hard
PVC, I get so hard
Platform shoes kick so hard
Ponytail, yank so hard
Leatherette, party so hard
PVC, I get
aus PVC
Der is grea und der is schee
Und schicka duadn prime von
Er steht grea in vollem Saft
Voller Koniferen - Kraft
Und doch is sei Stamm
PVC Chanel on me to flaunt
I don't even care I do what I want
Alyx belt round my waist just to stunt
I don't even care I do what I want

Ex hit me
PVCs and blankets with some velcro and a roof
I could bang on the beat or I could step out man, what to choose
Got the mic in a beautiful bunch of fruit
I'm getting picky
Tryna Go NY so I can Hit-Man-Hatton like Ricky
Every time I sleep without the CBD
I dream about the PVC door off the hinges
I been
manda al ejército tierra

bebo a morro titanlux como mila
como a trozos pvc como milo
bebo a morro
à l'unisson 
Sayer j'ai de nouveau le mal de mer en PVC

Partir se n'est pas là où les oiseaux sont ivres
Se n'est pas là où les oiseaux sont ivres

Não tenho força pra dobrar esquina.
Como quem sabe, eu finjo.

Pé de cadeira não tem dedo.
Joelho de PVC, não tem alma.

Nem pra mim, nem pra você,
Late night, you riding midnight you like it
First time is tight, the 3rd time, I slide in
Said girls be nice be shorty can’t be dyking
PVC junky she
as follow back, il s'sent plus pisser, yeah, yeah
J'me suis fait à l'idée (wow)
À force de tomber sur des fils de putes, ben j'ai le cœur en PVC (le cœur en
Era del manantial, ahora huele a PVC.
Donde yo me baño están muertos los peces.
Me preguntas donde vivo? Vivo en Elm Street.
Si una vez entre en tus
like she tryna fuck my PVC's up, ease up
I just flooded my stones (yeah)
Ain't no love in my home
(Don't) Call the plug on my phone
(Why?) Might be
a little shack they had a little sign that said Coca Cola
And even all the grass skirts were PVC
I'm just an English boy who won a holiday in Waikiki
Fait chier, j'ai vu l'année s'révéler, et des milliers d'stylos s'dessécher
Markétés, artistes en PVC

Incrusteurs de la mort, putes
Einlassstopp, PVC, Weihnachtsmann & Co KG
(Die ganze Nacht, die ganze Nacht, die ganze Nacht) der Club ist voll, ich komm' nicht rein 
(Die ganze
that doesn't seem to help me figure out how I
A prisoner in P-V-C a minute after three
It didn't used to be like this
Must be all that sleep I missed
A typewriter god a black and white king
PVC blackboard books black and white
I want to be me
She thinks that London's where it's at
Although it stinks and when it rains, you wear your hat
And your plum coloured PVC wet-look maxi-mac
You tie
shares your London flat, she thinks that London's where it's at, although it stinks 
And when it rains you wear your hat, and your plum coloured PVC wet
They go on and on and on and on. 
Oh! We sank back into long PVC sofas. 
Outside dogs roamed the streets and the roof-tops, plus it would rain
But now

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