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of the telephone
Guiding me to see that I’m not alone
But I know I am alone
My mouth held shut
PVA Glue
I’m filled with lust with every chew
Trying to indicate
nu tu highlight kra le
Golden curls bhaava tu pva le
Bal'lan nu tu highlight kra le
Golden curls bhaava tu pva le
Kehnde gutt utte tattoo tu krauna
what I told ya
Don't point your tin foyle trigger at me 

But wait
It's just PVA 
Holding everything in place
No way
This paper mache
could pierce a hole
Thle maseratia
Hje ta stratup a
Zindgi meri bakiya
Jehrhe ne mchde mai hor mchaoneya
Pairan ch pva k mai jhanjar nchaoneya (Nchaoneya, nchaoneya)
the PVA it just peeled away
And I can't get rid of the dust on my windowpane
Tide my shoelace in a bow
Cos you didn't want me to trip
And you buttoned up my
asses off just for the crew
Soon we'll be able to buy Jacques shoes
5k each, all brand new
You missed out, we are the glue
You're Pva resistant, time
asmaani lae deya 
Ho Karde na dill chuur chuur balliye
Mukhde da kri na garoor balliye 
Heer vangu kitte na pva di nattiyan 
Ranjha kitte ho j na mashoor
in my DNA
Woodward’s good word on stream today
This herb I serve is PVA
I purge with verbs
So stick to the slick, words I say
Punchlines on MMA
nagu pva
Ja terve kari mind nüüd instagramis eemaldab
Sest ajad kadedaks mu kõik need vanad teemad taas
Üks läheb, teine tuleb, a neid veel on seal
you could do, today
Pain and the glory, everything's usable
Can't ignore me like a due date
Self esteem higher than GPA
Keep it together like PVA
Bitches stay basic alkaline
Stuck to my grind like PVA
Glued to the money, make loads I pray
2020 vision ain't no broke bitch
I’m the boss your man wanna
before I leave here
Pva all good vibes if you gon be near
To Be clear we In our own lane that's where we steer
Really focused on that chicken never really
baith thoda thand
Che romance kra
Khud nu maaf kra
Ture Jande paap kra
Marde traiyan munde
Sb satyanaash kra ha
Mai mere ganeya che hook pva
Tere nal lukk
Sy's die girl, sy't 'n PVA
In haar motor speel 'n plaat uit die FAK
(Baie gevaarlik)

Nooi, nooi, die Riekooi nooi
Die Riekooi is gemaak
Die Riekooi is
I scrape
Scrape at the residue
The PVA glue
I scrape
I scrape
I scrape
I scrape
Dry plasticine
My past is clean
In my
In my
Uh, ay
I stick to the plan like its PVA glue
Easy to say but its harder to do
So I'm talking to God and He's leading me through
Lately I'm thinking
Glued to the seat
PVA served up to eat
City way down underneath
Countless feet crammed under seats
I don't need to sleep
Can't with the turbulent
Booth안 Producer 친구와 같이
Big shout out to Crazy at music, PVA, Band Acacia
Raon and V.fine, 이제는 new WhoCares Team
북경 안에서는 안 해본 게 없는 Rapper,
그래 나는 Rapper, 나도
fino all'adesione erculea
Frate pva non ti delude mai

Serve l'umiltà tu proprio non ne hai
Sto con giovane rumeno, sono un giovane italiano

Frara è
              		You’re armed with PVA,
             		Poster paints and clay,
              		To brighten up our day.
              		Hey! T.A.
Or they paint with me on their walls

Coz yea I know I'm the I'm pva
I'm acrylic
Just tell me if you want some more I'mma give you
Some more
hunt, mitte bsh
Hoiad keha minu küljes nagu pva
Ja terve kari mind nüüd instagramis eemaldab
Sest ajad kadedaks mu kõik need vanad teemad taas
Ek is lus vir ‘n party whoa

Wat is die plan van aksie?
Wat is die pva?
Ek dink dis tyd vir ‘n party whoa

Trek aan jou bloujeans gel jou hare gryp
too much naze
Qu'on les aurait vu faire du step et gober des tazes


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