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[Keyshia Cole]
See, Mary J. I want you to understand you paved the way (for me)
I'm givin' homage (to you)
So rinse spit swallow brain blank kinda hollow
Not to deep leap wow oh kinda shallow
'Cause we're in your face like Ed Gein
Purple rain, purple rain
blow your mouth all the way out
So when somebody stand behind you they can look out your mouth
P-p-p-pow time to make another million
P-p-p-pow purple
through the maze
Smoke filled rooms, breathing in purple haze
Po' nigga's on the bricks his whole life
He ain't got nothing to live for, so fucking
Watching doves cry in this purple rain that I'm drenched in.
I'm having a clean day, when I clash with the sounds.
Now I'm a basketcase, until you
Buffet in my hands, bet them bands will make her drop
More ham less talk, rollin' Mario Kart
OCD I'm ODB that's purple rain in the cup
This that Audrey
nothing more satisfying 
Then when you cryin' screamin' my name
It's not a game, it's Purple Rain
Floods and blood stains, Big Puns my thugs name
screamin' my name
It's not a game, it's Purple Rain
Floods and blood stains, Big Puns my thugs name
Bustin' my gun, that's my love thang
Slit the jug vein,
They're slowing, fastline, then that's the rain
It's insane, people want it, people flaunt it
They murdered with thugs, decided to bust a move on them
Smoked a pound of Purple Rain and kept control
Bitch I was the third nigga on the grassy knoll
And you askin me, how you know it's the Soopa
never saw me out
Hand on my bidness
Until that day
The court provided a witness

[Anybody Killa]
She was like the moon
The stars, the rain, the heat from
frontline rhyme that's
Mastermind, blaze in the range, it's unexplainable
Against The Grain, crown prince of the purple rain
No games dunn,
Comin out the 3, cuttin hairs with that boy J-o-e
Yeah that nigga Joe
I done came through, Big Moe never been no hoe
I'm up on this tape, never gonna hate

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