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Osso in the building
Free up the bros
Man go purging
Purging in a ding dong ride we lurking
I know the verdict
No practice
But I do
in the purging process trust the cleansing process 
Oh trust the purging process trust the cleansing process

We glory in (We glory in) our suffering
I'm purging all of you hoes
Purging  all you hoes 
I'm laughing at my haters
I'm locked on to my foes
I'm standing on my toes
I'm waiting for
I got the will to kill 
I feel like purging 
I got a bad bitch 
And that hoe she Persian 
I'm balling on you N***as Kyrie Irving 
Them Choppa round
pass it, Kyrie Irving
Running through yo hood, breaking windows, yeah we purging
Bird bitch, bird whip, falcon doors are chirping
Niggas started talking,
I'm standing on 10
Nigga i'm sturdy
Young nigga he sturdy
My city too turned up in the streets real live purging
Go go
Give my young boy a 30
Said she don't really like the cursing
Momma don't worry it's working
If a nigga play with you im purging
If a nigga play with you im purging
be purging yea
I’m killing the purses cuz I just be purging yea
All we wanted was them W’s
Stayed away from the drug abuse
We up them tools
Play wit us
So much to lose, I'm learning
Feds see a IC3 and think, "Search him"
I don't care if I'm biased, so what?
Cah the England captain should be
Like how many times do I gotta tell all of these niggas go get that bag
I be steady working
Time be hurting
Gang stay purging
Life ain't worth it
I'm on the block And we  purging 
Walk it   up do it in person 
If I cut him up like a  Sergent 
My Niggas is spinning and swerving
Niggas is
I aint trynna hit you wassup with yo bestie
Gotta keep it on me for them niggas trynna test me
PURGING if we swerve down it get messy
We smoke it by
the world the same
This ain't no blame game
Listen, I'm just purging pain
Now I'm strolling down memory lane
Tears in my eyes and tears on the page
We will
heard me
I’m purging you through the rapture
Shit get tricky they get worried
I’m calling shots I’m the captain
I knew one day I would do it just wanted
All black and I'm Purging (Purge)
I gave her ah hunnit for some head it was worth it (Ehh)
(Aye, aye, aye, aye)
Head hot drop top
That's a key lock
Kill a opper then hit up his service
Spin blocks in renty swerving spinning purging

Run up and murk em
Can't wait to see em in person
She toating
without Fenrir without Jormungandr
Lost identity traveling this world stripped of our culture from our beliefs
Baptizing the Rus' purging our their own
Always da block narcs still lurking
Always da block always on da block
Always on da block narcs still lurking
Two door coop swingin phone still
In the i8 
Yeah i'm swerving
Yeah I really cut them off 
Yeah i'm fucking purging 
Yeah she really underwater 
Yeah she straight submerging 
on the beat as I share words
And it is nasty how my flow worms
Big love to T on this home verse
Man’ll start purging niggas
Man will purge a nigga
She got
purging murk em
I ride on the beat like I'm surfing
I shoot them shit Kyrie Irving like all of the za i be burning
Sipping on woc shit got me smacked
I want a 50 fuck a 30 yeah
Where I come from niggas Purging
His bitch just hit me she say it’s Urgent yeah
I’m on the way for the service
Giving me
My niggas and we purging
Who the fuck said we ain't working? Fuck a nigga
Who the fuck said we ain't deserve it? We out here workin'

Bag after bag
a new beginning?
Am I purging past regrets
Facing the hurt I'm dealing?

How does one start healing?
The darkness is revealing
The bittersweet

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