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no hands we gone Pullout them sticks
My Shorty hella crazy gotta Attitude, give her dick and money, I give her the blues
Gotta potty mouth on her she
Packaged synthesized versions of you

We've all made petty fortunes but we can't afford a life
Confined to pull-out quotes and hotel rooms
They all



it back cause you know
Fuck the bitch don't pullout though (Fuck the police)
Fuck the bitch don't pullout though
Fuck the bitch don't pullout though
back, along with my speech.
My tongue it's numb, and it's out of my reach.
Emergency pullout, build the breathe.
Emergency pullout, come and see how
fuck on the futon I pullout
Get to the Moana like luau

She got Ozarka in panty
I'm like a narco in Spanish 
Yes I like it nasty I said it 
Yeah yeah
days it's a discover 
Birds in the trap sing McKnight a hummer 
Season my Tony where do I Parker 
I do the pullout no kids not father
DND turned on don't
these cards in my deck
She want me I call her for sex
Yeah what you want
You want it I pullout that tech
You want it lil boy come get blessed
Yeah mama
put on my sit belt
Am cooked up geeked chef
Baby ride me to Isreal 
I might pop on a bean 
Now am blurring my scenes here
Zone out and pullout with
unwind and they pullout my mind
I cannot tell you more about that

If you want to party, I'm a self-serve vending machine!
Like that scene with Jim
certified freak
Seven days a week
Wet-ass pussy
Make that pull-out game weak, woo (ah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you fucking with some wet-ass pussy
Wanna join bandcamp go get you a bag
Gave her a bean and she ate it up fast
Mama told me that im living too fast
Pullout the lot ima pullout and smash
Sippin on dirty I'm sippin 
(Sippin dirty)
On my sound tweakin 
I pullout I'm deezy 
(I pullout)
Fuck that b for a week 
Told that b make a wish
Get off my dick she don't want me to pullout 

Drip too hard you gonna drown (you gonna drown)
No more drip its a drought (its a drought)
When we smoke
Girl don't play with me 
Because i might just wear you out 
Imma make that pussy tapout
And i prolly won't pullout
I'm tryna love you now 
Well im retarded now
Cali born
Fort Walton Beach Panhandle child
Bout to put some perms in
I lost my pullouts
How you have two kids?
You ain't pull
the snub nose 
She gone let me poker for a bank roll Dog hoe
She gone make me go back to my old ways 
Bitch I pullout the stick I pull out like tires
(Johnny Cash got the waves)
Main priority get to them racks (To them racks)
Drop her off I ain't callin' her back
I won't tease imma pullout that bag

Cruising down to Steely Dan
Playing records with the band
Neon lights that shine on bright
Illuminate a starry night
Mad dogs on a pullout couch
a clown
While i'm aiming straight for the crown
Ain't nobody lookin' like me, yet
Pull-out a jet, people' losin' they minds
Goin' wild, wild' n' out, panic
I’ve entered this state of mind
Where I do not feel
And I do not kneel
Devils and Angels entwine
They making them deals
They pullout tha steels
all blacked out
lilmisfit a real one, never pullout
Females too easy, got the choices like takeout
I don't do the check-ins, never gotta check-out
I cannot lease
Moonwalking I’m feeling like gleesh
She liking the stick on my jeans
I’m sick my gas on E
I pullout the choppa like key
do the chatting hmmm 
Baby Ride like duccati
Pullout the titi 
Pullout the kitty pop
Baby back up n gimmie top
Baby back up coz man don't chop
Complainin' bout what you got
Shorty look what you had 
Before me, it was pull-out couches and Militant bags
Now she mad cause she ain't got a T.V. in her

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