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Babylon yuh pull di chain from mi han 
Mi still under yuh Babylon system 
God knows, Freedom for some I am bawling 
Oh Selassie I, rastafarian calling
dog you look cool
Now pull out your chains and floss your jewels
And keep clubbin'

I pull up on gold shoes I walk in actin' fool
Hell nah it ain't no
Me and gang gang
Rock new chains
Pull up in a Porsche drop-top
Nigga, diamonds bling
Brand new Balenciaga's
It ain't nothing
Nigga, drip bang
blue flame, yeah the trap god throwing green rain
Nice guy, mean chain, pull up in a cream Range
Orange seats, orange feet, what do all that orange
I ain't the same, she knows how to pull my chain

I used to howl at the moon, yeah I've been known to roam
Then I caught her trail one day,
And the boys would gamble shards to pull her chains
The striker's boast would fain me loss, about the wrecks the shoals were keeping
And how the old girl's got
Brown eyed, so I fell into submission
Eager to catch myself, like what the hell?

Now we pull your chain
Just to wake you up, wake you up
Push you
likes to pour
Like skin loves to warm

But teeth don't pull like these chains don't drag around
Because it's safe at the bottom

Wind down
idiotic ways have made a nightmare real

With every ounce of strength we will fight 
To set all that we can to right
We will pull the chain tight
Black and beautiful
Pink and fruitful
G-string wid chains ta pull
Show off cute girl

Put up your hand and take hold your bull
Silk you wear you no
drippin' in another chain, ohh
Pull up smokin' on threat, these niggas they lame as lame (They lame as lame, go!)
Bangin' 4K Trey, these niggas can't hang
Ay, freezing cold (ouh)
Yeah, freezing cold
Muah, ouh, came out the freezing cold
Now my chains freezing cold
Pull up a big body Benz
My seats
me pull up, bitch
I'd smash that thot, then pull out bitch
Might push the Flacko shit
Watch me pull up, take your chain, lil' bitch
I'm on Deebo
And my girl is gorgeous
Did it with the forklin,
Pull up in them Porsche's
My chain is a stoplight,
And I'm sitting on Forgi's
Tricking ain't
See my main bitch lookin' like she Ice La Fox (La Fox)
Pull up, take his chain then I pull off (pull off), skrt
Get a brain freeze when my ice come
changing whips out like new Jordans (oh Yeah)
Way ahead of yourself, you done outdid yourself (oh Yeah)
Chain give me headache, pull up in a red Wraith (oh
pull my chain, you tiny potato-headed whatchamacallit!

They're almost squirting, harry! look! look! whoooooo! whooooo! whoooo! you fucking worm!

If some day finds us not together, whatever
Just pull on my chain I'll come get ya, where ever
If ever at all should get too dark
Don't you
Hey Jerry Lee whistle honey, pull your chain
Go through the round house 
And come on back again
Let me on, woo!
Honey, let me on, uh-huh-huh
together now pull the chain
We don't want no pig brother scene! 

Only people know just how to talk to people
Only people know just how to change
You see my burning fuse
	From a mile away
	I took your cruel abuse
	Lord took away my shame
	I learned to bite the hand
	That used to pull my chain

There might be days, when I think it's better
Hey babe, like you to want me to be
Pull the chain, down goes the water
Oh yeah, it's
You a rap star, pull your chain out
You a dope boy, pull a brick out
Say you gettin' money pull the whip out
Say you gettin' pussy bring a bitch
put in work they supposed to get hit
When the pull the chain they think we gon' bomb some bricks
I ain't make that up
This is how its supposed to be

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