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yes it's true
You make me wanna puke
Make me wanna puke
Make me wanna puke
Make me wanna puke
Puke, and I'm gonna puke all over you
Puke, and I don't
stab, we rob, we steal
We dent, we dope, we choke, we gun
We kill, we stab, we rob, we steal

Party 'til you puke, party 'til you puke
Party 'til you
Drink! this beer is for my health
And have a couple more
Drink! Until the beer is gone
And pass out on the floor

Puke! Puke! I drank too much
When I have to puke at night
I can be so indiscreet
I don't run down to the john
I just throw up on my sheets
I puke on the pillow and I puke on my
all the stops I'm 
Gonna puke on the cops I'm
Telling the kids punk rocks
I'm gonna puke on the cops
Noise or a half a glass or
Our resistance add
The last time that we had one
It lasted for a year

We're gonna party
Party till u puke
(These people are sick)

We're gonna party
Party till u puke
You stupid jerk!
I can't take it no more!
Your face makes me want to puke!
And your mother's a whore!
Don' t even know how to puke
Kickin' it out

Your dream vacation
Small hostage refuge
A work in progress
You bleed just like you puke while running a mile
I beg to differ
Make me
they died
My dead drunk friends

We drink and we fight
And we fight and we puke
And we puke and we fight and we drink

We puke and we puke
And we
I shit on your grave
I piss on your name
I puke on your headstone
Your mother I rape

I shit on your grave

Your infant I slaughter
Your home
Rejoicing in rectal sludge
Writhing in withered flesh
Bathing in bile and puke
Binging on bowel waste
Slurping on sweaty slime
Purging on plasma
I live a life 
I feel the pain 
To sing this song 
To tell the tale 
I wish I never even heard the song 
I see the world 
It makes me puke
I wanna puke my brains out

Bases loaded, I'm up to bat
Based and loaded, imagine that
Still up and coming, haven't came yet
'Cuz I'm a zombie,
There I go, thinkin' of you again

You don't know how sick you make me
You make me fuckin' sick to my stomach
Every time I think of you I puke
didn't puke - [x4]

You think I'm a little winp
Shut your mouth you fat old blimp
I went to the party that much is true
But what you said I did I didn't
Everybody's here 
Puke stinks like beer 
This could be a city 
This could be a graveyard 

You stole my idea 
You stole my idea 
I'm swimming in a sea of pee
I'm hiking up a big mountain of poo
I feel like rolling in glass when I'm without you

I'm diving in a bowl of puke
There's a playground in the
Middle of the highway
There's a rope swing there
There's a twelve pack of cheap beer
For us to drink and ride the puke
babble with no security power escapes to the toilet room in the
lew of its own reflection she really knocks me out she sits she pukes her
point whoever
Raw Sewage in my Veins
Fighting the Nausea
Puke on My Opposers
Slimeminded Morbitorium
Festered Vapors Intoxicate
Vermin Face Rancid Fuck
Acid Drool
puke my lungs out on the floor
And I fuck my life up evermore
As I shit my heart out on the floor, yeah
evermore as I puke my lungs out on the floor
And I fuck my life up evermore and I shit my heart out on the floor
drinking queer!!!
Pukes through his nose drinks toilet water!!!
Sucks his mother's asshole licks his sister's pussy!!!
Buttfucks his father buttfucks his

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