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started smokin weed outta bibles
Gave me a puff when I bust my first rifle
Men-estration cycles, I give bitches
Bring your craziest nigga, I'll give
Puff, sip, puff, sip, puff, sip, 
Get wasted! 

Gimme a jug of that Crowne
Guzzle that down
I'm trippin' on that now
I can tell by
The Honeybugs dug and licked the honey dew
The sun, the kiss, the funk for a bliss
The lips with the soul and some jazz for ya hips
The puff, the buzz,
eight J's

Smoke a pound of herb a day and yo
keep the peace with the weed and hash
puff puff give, puff puff give, if I'm hard to find take two
featuring Puff Daddy 


aha aha yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 

Keep it movin' come on and keep it movin' [X4]
space-age hoes, these One Puff niggas know why

[ VERSE 2 ]
Now I'ma paint a picture for ya (fascinatin)
Illustratin how we keep your ass giratin
paid? You wanna get laid?
Pimp Yearlings in 360 ways
Live your life in an ill real way
Got 6 rides in your little drive-way

You get mad puff-lie all day
featuring Puff Daddy 


aha aha yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 

Keep it movin' come on and keep it movin' [X4]
feelin like the best, nobody fuckin with us
We done turned to a bygone don crew
We got the semi Kimora like Djimon Hounsou
A lifetime criminal, live by
feeling like a billion
I'm filling up my cup with that crown and bounce out

Take a puff and it's up and away we go
Put some pimp shit on my radio
[Petey Pablo talking]
To get with me, 2000
Yo Pete, I think they ready for you
Give y'all some of me

[Hook x2]
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
[Puff] Yeah  here we go 

[Mase] Uh Uh 

Let's party again  let's party again 

Let's party again  let's party again 

[Puff] Can't be
[Puff] Yeah, here we go
[Mase] Uh Uh
Let's party again, let's party again
Let's party again, let's party again
[Puff] Can't be stopped (Uh huh)
Yeah, it's time to wake up
Wake up and cake up
It's 187.4 fm on your dial
The number 1 station via satellite, cd radio and your stereo
You hear me rhyme and try to shine on my time  forget it 
Hear me on radio  live vocally do edits 
E Swift scratchin and threading  with supreme
We in the time of our lives baby
Turn the music up, Primetime

Yeah, Primetime,beat by Dion, our third eon
That's what the fuck we on
Mo' money,
'em down
Turn 'em into shopping malls the hood is like a ghost town
Haunted by souls who thought that time stood still
Just live your life
you gon get it how you live cuz..

[Hook 2: Nelly]
This goes out to my West Coast crew
Now hold ya Dub up in the airr if ya feel me
Fuck em all
a fat Lex'
Puff rhymin' on the remix, what's next?
It hurts so bad, I wanna smack 'em
My favorite crew members break up
Turn around and join whack
you got to puff, puff give
Now i see you giggling
But all I want to see is ass wiggling and titties jiggling
So what you want to do?
Don't go chasing
ever since Ray Parker sang with Radio
Your style is played out like a two-tone down goose
You couldn't converse if you had fucking react juice
So hold
please come roll deep, 
Chocolate Thai, I said I, 
got the hennessey chaser, skirt you look fly 
peepin them lips, hittin two finger sips, 
on the 710
a nigga rushed
Told my jeweler make her freeze like I was tryna stick her up
She call me daddy like a nigga puff
Just play your role and you can live it
I spent my first two years gettin' high
By smokin' dollar joints rolled outta 1.5's
That was 'round '84, '85
Smoke all week for the dimes
That's one of you rap crews in the lip, huh?
I'm two seconds off, I'm one second lost from the six-pack
Now we put in together, we can all get that