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With the sun
The last time I saw her
Psychiatric hospital, psychiatric hospital
Psychiatric hospital, psychiatric hospital

Now I know that I
"I am a human being
I am not an animal"

It's easy this time
To loose my mind
It's easy this time
To loose my mind

not you this time
Damn I gotta change my line
Textin me you're gonna die
Call a psychiatric line
Friends and family should know why I'm
Reportin this
reflects the windows to your past life
No psychiatric's could raid you from off the mattress
As you fall deeper, and it's hypnotized you better read my
Serious game all anger versus my fate
Leave me alone to sleep
The circle of waste
Psychiatric pistol has raped
Fingers of a lovely room
passed through my brain
He said, nurse, get your pad, this boy's insane
He grabbed my arm, I said ouch
As I landed on the psychiatric couch
He said, tell
on the psychiatric couch
He said, "Tell me about it"

Well, the whole thing started at 3 o'clock fast
It was all over by quarter past
I was down in the sewer with
on the psychiatric couch,
He said, tell me about it.

Well, the whole thing started at three o'clock fast,
It was all over by quarter past.
I was down in

There's a joker on the loose from the psychiatric ward
His face is up on the bulletin board with a reward
He'll stab you with a sword, don't be
likely the psychiatric ward's a last resort (huh?)
Something's gotta give, that's for sure
Yet you keep comin' back for more
Not as raw as I was, "'Walk
of London.
Goes to his wife and his children.
Yo I thought, what if shorty gets scared, electric chairs all I vision.
All she'll probably get is psychiatric
to think backwards

Trapped us in a cracker psychiatric, it's ma**ive
A Million Man March, alert the ma**es
Ten glocks, Armani in small print, upon my
represent it, descendant made of
Early natives that were captured and taught to think backwards
Trapped us in a cracker psychiatric, it's massive
A Million
in the rain inside my pit
I'm goin' down now, because my mom frowns
In a research psychiatric center without her son around
And I'm deep off in this
psychiatric supervision"
I switched the plan, the maid flied to Switzerland
Fake ID, forged his wife name, catch the next flight
The same night, headed
the same energy when it's crunch time (Woo!)

According to the American Psychiatric Association
It affects roughly eight percent of children
And two
the Psychiatrics
For mental assistance
(Hook 1)
(Hook 2)
if psychiatric help is what we need
(Live moti-) (live motivator)	(4x)
[ VERSE 1 ]
I have the mind of a sick psychiatric
Protegees perish with my tactics
Terminate, excel, I bust
I need psychiatric therapy
I could use a lobotomy
Guess I'll never learn
Suppose I'll always be a worm

Freak of nature
Got a ten inch
to the psychiatric couch

Blowing people far apart
Blowing others so they collide
Blowing some poor bastard right out of the water
Blowing another one over
to buy his toys.
Seventy two hour evaluation
Immediate psychiatric help
But Johnny wasn't crazy
He was just an angry boy
Years later, nothing much has
All I feel is sheer

Friends tellin' me that maybe I need
Some psychiatric help
Yeah, they're always so quick to tell you
Just how to get on with

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