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I want you baby, I need you lady, and nothing in dis world gonna stop 

1. Girl I want to push on you wit dis ting protruding, you're acting kinda
your filthy fixation.

The sight of maggots eating, the spike that's left protruding.
What once was a normal human, tortured and twisted.
The sight
So goes the world in a wall of flames, burn this place away
Cataclysmic end to the world we know, death to land and sea
Protruding from the sky
see past
My slightly pock-marked skin, my glasses, my protruding chin
And I  How do I stand a chance? When people just can't see past 
My large ungainly
mouth, mothers disapprove 
Of the vile talk and lewdness 
Miss, stop the filth protruding from that gutter mouth
Though they try so hard to punish
and in the casket was a child
I could picture him while living, curly hair protruding lips
I'd seen perhaps a thousand in my hurried southern trips

a casket and in the casket was a child 
I could picture him while livin`, curly hair, protruding lips 
I`d seen perhaps a thousand in my hurried southern
Shoutout to my Jews, l'chaim Rick Rubin
Big fat titties yes, they be protruding 
I be like, fuck 'em, fuck 'em, bring the lube in
I be like fuck
Lay hands, borough plain, you entertained
Dealt pain, process ain't growing the brains
Confusing, now my fangs out, protruding
Rebuking, from
last night,
In the light,
With your little nipples protruding through your little see-thru thingie, and I just said, "My god,
My god, I gave my sperm
the horse's belly
With only his head protruding from the dying beast

Another soldier then sewed up the wound with the culprit inside
Condemned to die, along
end with me dead.

You see the agony in my eyes,
Protruding aimless,
I think it's time to die.

A cannibal's desire feeds the fire
That burns in
the time, the time to sign a lease
Try not to worry about what's forgotten
Try not to worry about what's been missed
Bleeding gums and veins protruding
a double edged blade
And they'll put blood on the blade
And they'll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice
So that only the blade is protruding
a metal fan
On high at times

So go protruding hands
In aerospace arena
Interference dead
Let it go you don't need it anyhow
All at your finger tip
pay attention to the plot
As I kick out this monster's snot
Splitting skulls and raking ribs,
Trephinated drainage sieve

Protruding mass
this ax_handle_tripled inch_spike_protruding
from the tip of my mic distrubuting fuckin headshots
shots to your head, now your're knee-deep, you need
and a heavy door swung up
The Mystery man from Kathmandu was standing in the room
His protruding eyes were showing distrust and fear of night and darkness
protruding, in his blue shirt before Congress
Very very disrespectful
It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me
And I can now fight for America
Protruding bones exposed 
Searing violent scream 
Exposed innards split from the seam 
Destroying the weak cornea from the steam 
In scalding blood cesspool
the sensorial core

Horizon turning black
Rage erupting 
Indomitable fury 
Demon inside  
Screaming: kill, destroy 

The devil  
Nearly protruding from within
worm of the endtimes, 
pushing towards light
Languid specter, formed by death
slowly protruding its unformed crown

Pulling, writhing from the floor
would have thought
that we could overcome
such a thing as
protruding the ozone layer
To find new species
on the stars

I will feel great
You've got my penis steaming 
And your asshole screaming : Help! 

The day is black, the night is white 
The disco sun it shines so bright 

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