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"J'ai lu quelque part que vous renonciez au "Protest Song"
Est-ce que vous avez un message?
Est-ce que vous vous sentez investi d'une mission?
to a God to bless them with strength and courage
It was in His name artillery lit the sky on fire
The people sang protest songs to try and stop
The savage mutilation of human race,
Is the set on course
Protest and survive,
Protest and survive
It's up to us, the change the course
I'm stompin'
Let's start a moshpit
Fuck a protest let's start a moshpit

Red bottom kicks I feel like stomping in here (Ya dig)
No oatmeal
you'll finally eat

Love, love is the protest
Love is the protest
Love is the protest

Let love make saints out of hypocrites
Let grace fall from
I'm searching for Sasquatch
And you know what?
The unknown is all part of the plan
For a runaway soul and a hard loving man

I've had it up
I won't let it pass me by I don't wanna fucking die
Don't wanna bomb in the street don't wanna die in the street
Protest protest survive
Not insecure as such
Not going insane
Rational stays in touch
Doth I protest too much?

I'm not tortured by how often your busy, 'cause I've got
the memory made it nobler
The selective means by which to point the view

Compelled, but not defeated
Surrender under protest if you must
Compelled, but
begripligt, för din självinsikt är noll

Jag är bara bäst, jag är bäst, jag är bara bäst, jag är bara bäst
Ingen protest, nej ingen protest

Du borde bli
I'm going to walk back injured.
I'm going to walk back into it.

All that you said is heartfelt.
Nobody's protest, it's nobody's protest,
a singer came on
To sing
Some kinda protest song
Oh my God
Oh my God

His songs are lies
His songs are lies

Step aside, son
You gonna get hurt
He's the last of the protest singers,
Selling truth and commitment,
He don't get much work these days,
He's billed as a novelty act,
And he stands

So your 13 and there's a silent scream out there,
And you can hear it.
Just your basic protest song.

Now your 16 and there's a danger in

Proti badi jubokor bhaxonot (THE PROTESTS AND SPEECHES OF THE YOUTH)
Din rati xomokar (CAN BE HEARD DAY AND NIGHT)
Protest And Survive

The savage mutilation of the human race is set on course
Protest and survive
Protest and survive 

It is up to us
Slave and dream for escape 
But scared to death of change

Want to hear my speech? 
Want to share my thoughts? 
Protest! protest!

Come now 
Is it
like you
protest too much?
was to care like you
protest too much?

Now no more to watch two go
They don't know
And I wish I could have known
dope is all that were fed 
So fuck all your protests and put them to bed 

God is on the T.V. 

Rock! Lalalalala [Repeat x4] 

A thousand mothers
Protest, demonstrate
We must retaliate
Bow down to no one
And know your enemy, yeah

Locked and loaded, waiting to explode (explode)
Pawns of illusion
of my domaine, but that kick more shit than Lou King

Now hold up, shut up, who remembers my come up?
Who remembers my protest when I had no full for
He's no
He's no
He's no racist
Racist, he says
But he just don't understand why Native Americans are in a tizzy-tizzy
He says he thinks protests
Försöker va' bäst (Försöker va' bäst och försöker att vara det mest)
Men jag famlar i träsk (Jag famlar i träsk och jag känner att min kropp är i protest
the latest in the longest rank and file that's ever to exist
In the history of the protest song

How can I tell you I hear the way you are
How can I tell

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