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to ground .
Brimstone shower down
Prophetical words roll of him tongue
Oh what a sound !
The angels surround
Oh here he comes
The cOnquering lion
the strangest man I've seen.
(That's because he's a Rasta Man)
Having the mark of a Nazarine.
(That's because he's a Rasta Man)
He carries a prophetical
a contest 
Taking this shit as a hostage 
I promise I'll give it back
Heard ya new single the shit is trash
Prophetical vision this isn't rap
Nobody doing
we get bought by
Government agencies
Theoretical conspiracies
Unethical contingencies
Proposed by prophetical lunatics
Now stop with the waxin, uh, uh
Poetical, medical, shittiest rhymes
Prophetical, plentiful, ingenius times
Whatever I do, its a perfect line
I'm on my mummy shit, dead man, I'm prophetical

Good Days sounding beautiful and shout out to SZA
But there ain't no good days, only bad days up in
Just for a Denarius
Some people think it is mythical, or prophetical, and/or hilarious
Lucifer presents itself as an angel of light
Death and all of hell
Saw the meaning in my life from lessons I would keep
Some shit is surface level nigga it ain't ever deep
Prophetical spirit, like the chosen one
to pass the genetical
Prophetical, very electrical
As I'm getting to the program
We'd be dancing to the funkiness
Simulated slow chance
I'm getting older
Straight up unstable
Why don't you praise me
I'm so prophetical
Always hit shots
You're in my reticle
You better just stop
For I get unethical
For I get
I am a murderous prophetical individual
Skeptical, music will tell the residual
Animal intellect, fret what I’m hearing
I’m steering the family path
These lines are more subliminal
This city is making a
Living legend of me
I know I never blow
But maybe it's prophetical
But to say we'll never know
collectibles I'm untestable
Highly unsensible and prophetical stoppin me is not only incomprehensible
And nonsensical it's theoretical that even Aesop rocks'
on my mind

What was that you dreamt about, my father?
The gift, the last gift you gave me
That blue globe with continents and oceans
Became prophetical
microphone clean-cut
Prophetical, tell it how I told it
Wrote it, tracked it, packaged it, sold it


I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta

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