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Isn't this so amazing 
My music is so enchanting 
Propelling incentive motion 
And I'll never gon stop til I get me up

Isn't this so amazing 
Wake up in the morning, count my guap up
I can't stop nah
Propelling on these fuck niggas, like helicopters
I know they wan' fuck wit us, better move
them lames inna lost, I'm propelling on em!
Doing better than my last, busy progressing on em!
Lost so much trust that they find it an issue
Truth, the truth, and nothing but the truth, I tell it to the youth,
Propelling with the proof, in the puddin', wouldn't you like to know?
Oh, no you
Truth, the truth, and nothing but the truth, I tell it to the youth,
Propelling with the proof, in the puddin', wouldn't you like to know?
Oh, no you
God speed, bring up the fee.

Souls fall
Over the edge
Like scraps from a table
For whom was it set
For whom was it sent
Propelling scythes
Rhythm keep propelling me
Wrist guards, for protection
You will find your direction
Gravity is so trying
But learning is more
bullet is only force propelling molecules into other molecules
It's all reaction after reaction and entropy from there

When survival becomes murder, is
I will follow you Lord
Your grace and your mercy surrounds us, oh Lord
Propelling us deeper and deeper

Deeper into the water
Deeper into your grace
their spirit
Propelling the wings of change

(Who can stop) The revolution
The revolution
For freedom fighters
(For freedom fighters) Cos I'll be there
Shawty propelling my negatives
Hoping that we get the best of it
I know that you wont find a Better 1
I know that you wont find a Better 1
I know that you
Repelling, rejecting

Flying high 
With heavy wings
As I walk away 
From you

There is a place
Somewhere in between
Pain and tomorrow
I'm all about manifesting, my attention is focused on positives
Fear creates roadblocking man I realised now I'm propelling
I can never remorse on my
It's time I start propelling myself, cause i've not done anything
It's time I start protecting myself, cause the stress is caving me in
It's time I start
iron core 

Chrome tunnels of redemption 

A time gap propelling 300 years into the future 

Parallel connection machine 

Brain implanted devices
Acid dreams and nicotine Violent screams from a mezzanine Seems to keep on propelling me Head first into a nightmare scene Through too many seamless
the double concussion
Propelling through my nemesis multiple combination

In 3D images split a wig when a fool trip
Never mind what your sipping on, what you
shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?

The ghost of Mandela, hope my flows stay propelling
Let my word be your Earth and moon, you consume every
Through this life you've been propelling
Now you're spinning out

Time to make your reparations now
You've just got to make that leap somehow
Why? I'll never know it
Guess I'll meet her right back at start

Let's roll a J and pretend we in love
I've got a paper plane, it's propelling my
You know I am not gon stop
I don't need no single
Like I'm only serving 20 rocks

No change
I won't Change
Fat drill
No bass
three tits?????
go head
using only ones own power
Usually by propelling oneself upwards by contraction and then forceful extension of the legs
In some cases the height of a jump
every coyote, every insect, every phylum of life
Urging her, propelling her forward.

The leaves and branches of the forest
Part for miles, clearing
but dwelling, deep in your skull
My rhyme shines, and yours is dull
like dirt, it hurt to be wacker
But instead, I'll grab a big stack of

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