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and weaponry
Naïve to being free
Locked up, we chasing keys
How ya eyes investigate us
While we look up to entertainers, ball players, pistol bangers
I will leave, at my pride. 
You will be.

Empty skies but a butterflies wings beat silent like air
Call us free by a promise torn, you said ill
Are they guardians...
... Gods of higher?
With these eyes I see
What I should believe

The seven sacred promises
A prophecy of their reign
on heart
A promise, a word and a voice
Hand on heart
A rhythm of hope and choice, will keep us together

I don't know if I,
Can reach that high
on heart
A promise, a word and a voice
Hand on heart
A rhythm of hope and choice, will keep us together

I don't know if I,
Can reach that high
am out of blood
Left in the chapel by a thousand other things I could've loved
But barely touched

We used to talk to God with acid on our tongues
Weak as I am, caused by lunacy. 
As deep as you can, you gotta bury me. 
Truth you can't deny, your blue eyes will show. 
Lies are gone by, but I
If I promise not to cry,
Will you look me in the eye,
And tell me that you've known me.
I was your late, your lonely child,
I am enhanced by all
Out of the night into the morn
Drawing us gently through the eye of the storm
Out of the sorrow into the joy
Where we'll dwell in the highlands with
on your face
I’ve gotta question your intentions.
You’re playing this one by the book.
Which of the version you're preaching from?
That song you once ?

meet somebody with green eyes
Yours are blue!

If you seek it, you won't find
The lovers' eyes so blinded by love
Blinded by love, blinded
As they sweep my naked flesh 

In pain 
I dwell 
My love  
Dream those endless dreams 

Beyond the withering beauty 
The moon will shine 
long ago
Have become unthinkable
How did our conscience get so seared
That we could all stand by
As history disappears before your eyes?

We can
all been deleted
By versions of selves that we thought were the best ones
'Till versions of versions of others repeating
Come laughing at everything
We are the children of promise
Set us free from the face of this world
We lift our voices and press on
Eyes set as we rise

Bow? down
Our glorious city
Was build by the divinities by Gods
Who saw fit to bestow
The gift of a pardise
Peaceful and harmonious upon
Us mere mortals below
all eyes upon
Dry drunk emperor
Gold cross cross jock skull and bones
Mocking smile
He's been
Standing naked for a while
Get him gone, get him
that the feeling has changed
And the years have slipped away
Through the hands of time
Open your eyes cause that promise we made
That our light would
Loose-lipped secrets 
I've seen those birdies chirping 
Another promise perched on their fragile branches 
Cradle and all... 

We all hide
Don't be blinded by his promises 
(Open your eyes) 
The one he says isn't who he is 
There's more to us than you realize 
(Open your eyes
And they are forgotten by the world again
Emptiness and blue
Beside the city moon
The empty streets

Hardly remember you
The rest of us do
A promise
fingers would bring us together
For ever and ever, pretty little baby child.

Wonder of wonders, there in the darkness
The light of the promise, how it
waiting as the days go by
Still looking for the truth but finding lies

What will bring light to our eyes
When will we hear the laughter
Can we build
the fresh breeze on her face
Closed her eyes and walked into the haze
... And fade away

Taken by promises
She's just begun to feel the heat
the mistletoe

But I can't promise my eyes this sight
Unless they stop the fight
'Cause I'm a prisoner of war
Lying here in my cell 
Hoping my family is

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