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Are they guardians...
... Gods of higher?
With these eyes I see
What I should believe

The seven sacred promises
A prophecy of their reign
satan who won't let us be
Our only hope's your victory
Kill that satan who won't let us be, kill

You're the keeper of the seven keys
That lock up
only hope's your victory
Kill that Satan who won't let us be--kill!

You're the Keeper of the Seven Keys
That lock up the seven seas
are off. As the crew comes through to make final cabin checks, please let us know if you have any questions or need any help. We promise to do
all the receipts so we couldn't file taxes
The next thing you know, IRS hitting us with axes

Pimp you owe seven figures, Bun you owe six
Better get
He had us doing all the work but was keeping the biggest slice

Took a while to catch on, to what homey was doing
But by the time we did, all
pumpin', you make us so proud
We’ve been wantin' something this good for a while
But I’m not fooled by both them dimples on your face
'Cause when we danced,
know how you do
Please make yo killin's clean
Slugs up in between
They eyes, like True Lies
Kill 'em and flee the scene
Just bring back the coke
wanted was a showbiz child

The seventh of December, nineteen-forty-nine
They got what they'd been wishing for all of the time
He grew up in a trailer, by
the flame
Cast the fetid virgin back from where she came
Drink deep of the promise in my eyes...
Of mist and midnight skies

I drown in fathomless dreams
eyes to seven
Oh, this world is not my home
A broken heart in danger
And a pillow filled with tears
Oh, can you see the strangers ?
In the pain
darkening skys
Through the violet haze of summer storms
The sun leaves tired eyes

Betrayed by innocence
Deceived by delusions
of youth, founded by conscious UA
Folks I promise to spread knowledge
Roll up and remain ghost
Pay homage to the prophets
'Cause we offer the same coach,
'cause her dome sloppy
Gave her all that she could handle though
She put her mouth around the wiz, something Amber Rose
Get her naked and she look like
to hide your hand
Just say his name and I promise that you'll see Candyman
Because it's all in your eyes, most of y'all tell lies
Most of y'all don't
I'm trying to save us girl...
They got that...
They got that kryptonite...

[Verse 1:]
It seems the more I try to do right,
The more I lie
murdered her,
Witness the vision first hand plumping master of source of us

[Jim Jones]
By the, grace of Capo, in the moment of silence, in the mist
Blindfolded, okay, yeah, I know it sounds adorable
But dollars signs in pop's eyes grew creepy and deplorable

He said, "Play by the noises, follow the ding
I beat yo' ass twice and you still here
Seven years old, think you run this house by yourself?
Nigga, you gon' fear me if you don't fear no one else
I beat yo' ass twice and you still here
Seven years old, think you run this house by yourself?
Nigga, you gon' fear me if you don't fear no one else
I'm trying to save us, girl
They got that, they got that kryptonite

It seems the more I try to do right, the more I lie
About being at sessions
Mix 'em all together and your work can be seen
For sixteen miles by the naked eye, not to mention T.V.

The American media, greedier than the average
Heavenly words spoken, promises were never broken 

As they blood-suck the sun, we manifest these platinum tokens 

Hail enterprise, complete down
You herbs we merged, we're an alliance
We fight fire with flamethrowers, why would you try us?
We an outfit, equivalent to voltron's
That boy crooked
the lines
Comes by every forty years or so
Since more than two hundred years ago

They feast upon the sins and fears of men
Promise you just what you want

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