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of war waved high
On and on and on
Gone and gone and gone

As the fields of fire burned
No one seemed concerned
The future was consumed
And where destinies
and knaves
The king of kings and knaves
Bunch of slaves
For I got no promises to keep
Wouldn't bother to sow even less to reap
And I know there's sense in
This boundless joy you make me feel
From way back when to here and now
If you need me, I’ll be around

My promise to you
I promise, have no fear
The promise land

There's plenty of land for you and I
By and by
Lost of food, to share for everyone
Cause that was civilization in the promise land
to the beauty of you
There's no-one like you
So I take this time to make a pledge
Of a love that will always be true

Promise me your undying love
'm a rolling stone
But I'll keep loving you

For the rest of my life
I promise that I, I'll keep loving you
Oh I will stand by your side
And promise that I, I
The hunger inside.
Promise me one thing:
Promise you'll try
A little more love,
And we'll get by.
[Chorus x 2]
Don't you get ahead of me
And I won't leave you behind
If you get unhappy
Show me a sign

There's no love like lost love
No pain like a broken
the dark clouds from the sky

I gave my promise to you girl, I don't want to take it back
You and me, side by side, We know how to change the world
your promise ring

How in the world could a girl say no'
I knew it the moment he made my finger glow
It was good to know I'm who he chose
It was your
know, I know,
We're gonna make it
'Cause no one else can
Make me feel the way that you do
I promise you
I know, I know, I know, I know,
We're gonna get
just come out,
With no gripe to bear.

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. (I promise)
I know they don't sound the way I planned
Time passes by so slow

With every hour I know
I'll keep my promises, sweet darling
The stories that you hear
Jealous words have no fear
a promise without no truth?

I gave my love a fortune in silver and gold
I gave it to her lie, by lie, by lie, by lie that I had told
I gave my love a story
But I promise you that you're the survivor I'm telling you

No woman don't cry
Promise I will be by your side
I want you to know that love is alive
Gloomy on sunny days
Shadows no house or trees
Prayers not close to me as I bow down and take a knee
Hell goes far as the eye can see
necks feather weights press the walls
Be my love, we will be gods on night flights
With only one promise, only one way to fall
Glass traps open
With the promise of life
We are strong
We will carry on

Kill the idols

No more disillusion
Let them say what they will (what they will)
pine for you and no other
I promise I won't hurt you anymore

Poor us, frail as they come
And thinking all this time I'm right and I'm not
I cannot help
Enfolding your love in my heart
By the dawn I'll become
The road keeps us apart
For some time I'll be gone.

You promise you swallow your tears
You've given up on us
You've taken all I've made and all I've become
You've given up on us
Just another empty promise by those I love

You are gon' survive and I'm tellin' you

No, woman don't cry
Promise, I will be by your side
I want you to know that love is alive
And love don't
I know how it feels to cry, in the middle of the night
With nobody else by my side (no no)
If you need to escape the dark, let me be your light
And though he's gone she hears him say
"Oh promise you'll be true fare thee well Lili Marlene till I'll return to you
Fare thee well Lili Marlene"
'm chained to your side

We are young
Heartache to heartache we stand
No promises
No demands
Love is a battlefield

We are strong
No one can tell us

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