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a video
but I got the radio bumpin Jagged Edge by the bed
When you want to get up witcha cutty buddy
come on and dip up through the hideout with Twist'
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
Why'd you say that

Somebody might get hurt
Broken promise jagged edge
Somehow I feel like I'm in danger
I'm trying not to fall
I'm dangling by your
up in it we can make a video
But I got the radio bumpin' Jagged Edge by the bed
When you wanna get up witcha cutty buddy
Come on and dip off through
Pillow fight
Video camera

Now we hooked up once
We've hooked up thrice
You've slept left side
And I've slept right
And we meet by