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you talk got me thinking nigga  got no life 
Still sitting on his ass and he hoping one day he win proline 
Yeah you heard i got bands I'm the man
and stolen shit. 

Quadangle, PK Ripper, Webco and Mongoose rip Redline Proline is winning it but Nomura I so the shit. 
Nicole I was only ten
Bitch, I'm on my own time, fuck a nigga cosign
'Cause I get it better like proline
Baby girl, I don't lie
Used to have no money for a crib
of a kind, Pro-Line hydro head 
Hold a verse like a Wisdom, smack tracks on her ass 
Quick competition, got you in a smash 
Diamond thoughts, bite down
a million, one dart project
Kid I nurse this rap shit, textbook monitor
Merge just like traffic, dick deserve an encore
One of a kind, Pro-Line hydro head
Protein-packed, we the proline
Coal line digging, think we gotta gold mine

All about the pesos 
Call me Jeff Bezos
Team bring the heat they dracos
Sign up on the lines of my hit list
No dismiss
Proline with the picks
Chop it up and it sticks
We remote and it clicks
Netflex to Netflix
No chill
Said, "fuck it, we gon' get it on our own time"
Still puttin' out numbers like it's Pro-Line
Oh damn man these suckers blow mine
Love it when I
(get up, get up)
I bet it all like Pro-Line
I ran it through the goal line, and hit the fucking gold mine
They try to leave me out to dry, hang 'em

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