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No limit no limit no limit no
I'm prolific prolific prolific pro
I'm So with it so with it so with it so
I go get go get it go get it go
No limit no
of the city we can talk, if you want
I can trace you in the street with the chalk like
Who you know been on the top, prolific
Who you know been on the block,
I'm prolific so gifted
I'm prolific so gifted
(Check me out look)
I'm prolific so gifted
Respected everywhere aint no hoe up in me
This venom that i
I just want to be the one to get your soul lifted
I just want to be the one cause your prolific
I just want to be the one cause your so different
How could they ever deny us
We the suppliers of fire
The most prolific of writers
Just take a look at our priors
Cause we the illest of spitters
justify a nine to five
We prolific living wild
I decide when the time end
Roll in and fall out
Over the wall
Never in a doubt
Ending it all
We all
a deafening report
The flowers are all dead but I continue to win

I don't wanna be you
You've always sucked for free
I don't wanna see you
I make it lit In this bitch dont i
I got her shaking and shit know why
The money is cooking she smell the aroma
Prolific we strong feel our persona
Baby get you up lifted
Let me show you that I'm Prolific
Get you high
Above the clouds
Above the clouds
This flow is horrific
Our song course traffic
Make sure you dump it
Imma fill it 
With that killer
Pearl game prolific 
Get lifted when I

(Light up pipes)

And all we do is smoke and roll
And roll
Slick and yo, this is "The Anthem"

[Chorus: *cuts*]
"It's the gifted, prolific one..."
"Subtractin others rappers... who lack..."
"It's the gifted,
specific, babe
Need you to get prolific, baby
Tell me what you want, baby
Tell me what you want
I need you to be specific, babe
I wanna feel like you
the mountains for you
Yet still I don't know why

Follow me to Mars why don't we go far?
Let's make the journey long prolific in time
Follow me downtown we'll
What if I told you I’m prolific
I will self proclaim it just like Nip did
Coming out the blue Like a crip is
A visionary with the vision
Try to cross
hold you down
You gotta get it
And I’m gonna tell you how
If you just listen
Solo e is not a clown
She prolific
I don’t like to play around
That’s how
You're killing them now
You're the only one to blame
You took countless live to leave one in misery
You created me
Your prolific bastard son
I will never,
catastrophic for the season
The clock stay ticking and I get them only to wound licking
I do it always horrific, and I always remain prolific

Turn it up, turn
a new bag (Bag)
Look at my future that's a throwback (Throwback)
Screw that nigga call me papi (Papi)
Prolific on my shoulder call me Gandhi
Put the word
Straight out the bottom
I'm straight out the kitchen
Ran up the blue racks
Just like I was Nipsey
I hit a hit the booth
And I spit it prolific
Clairvoyant by my nature
I fear that you will give your all
To one who doesn't care at all
His love's a new best seller
Prolific by its nature
I'm so prolific and the flow terrific
You can only go the distance with a focused vision
Create my own lane with no hopes to fit in
Hand crafted by
I got get it
Got the shine to go wit it
Every grind is prolific
Ion be around like they be around
I stay outta town
You'll thank I'm from outta town
They all chase the same so I’mma be different
Got a new vision nothing prolific now
Look at the view it’s insane
Pause stop for a second now back in
Ominous nefarious completely insane
Doctor Butcher and his dungeon of death
Unorthodox therapies performed on the brain
Prolific practitioner

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