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the knowledge which you lack
The wretched void remains so cold
Mental prolapse manifest to reform
They drag you under to indulge in your self betrayal
Knees buckle buckle and your back gives out
Your eyes bulge open and mouth shout shout
Prolapse prolapse
Insides once in now strewn about
Stomach churns,
mistake to break the cycle 
That has left us feeling dead and forsaken
Look back at what we've done
No reason not to run
I can feel my heart prolapse
the inside like a prolapse and know that's a fact
Like a prolapse and know that's a fact
Beast in the booth
Been speaking the truth
So am preaching to you
Organism of infection
Festering inside her rectum
Hemorrhaging intestines collapse
Menstruating bloody prolapse

Doctors research thoroughly
prostatic prolapse
Ruptured hernia rips your groun
Your mouth forced wide open
As you're made to chew on your haemorrhoids...
Gnawing my appendix, enteric
prostatic prolapse
Ruptured hernia rips your groun
Your mouth forced wide open
As you're made to chew on your haemorrhoids...
Gnawing my appendix, enteric
the prolapse of my heart
(do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do)
Tends to tear the night right apart
(do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do)
On the faces in the spring
with your eyes
Sinus collape blunt facial prolapse
The power I uphold
Teeth and concrete now mold
Shaved and scraped
Hovering above your twitching,
Umbilical prolapse
Fragments - a crimson shade of red
of unconsciousness,
Daughter raped until prolapse set in.
Gonna kill you!
Bitch! Bitch!
Gonna kill you!
Bitch! Bitch!
in last place
Waiting for a tour man its passing me by
Back on track I'm running my laps
I'll prolapse
My body's gonna hate this
Focus some more
As I pull pins out of my urethral tract

Semen dripping off my face
Shame inside me I feel disgrace

My insides begin to prolapse
Hard boiled eggs
draws me in as I begin to regurgitate my viscera
My skeleton not far behind as a full-body prolapse transpires
Clad in a suit of entrails

Cleansed of all
sour jewel
Drooling all over
Babbling like a fool
Tongue is
Dancing like an eel
The more I slurp
The better I feel
Lick till I explode
Slowly prolapse
at cold rap
I might as well rock a white jacket and Pulp hat
Dissin' me is like having your throat gagged
And fucked 'til your insides saggin' and prolapse
up the bpm and fuck the slow dance
Sucks to be him yea he just a roadman
Up the RPM as I drill his hole and
Film the whole thing play back his prolapse
pussy ass is snitchin
Just found a fat man going thru my kitchen
Fatbruh get up in the track, blowin out a black guys back
Prolapse a turtles ass, smokin
hours online and it's so sad
Pushing to expand my shit like a fucking prolapse
Finding my talent a second later you just judge fast
Where is the balance
These niggas be getting they phone tapped from they ho lap
Then they be looking so assed out like prolapse
I said that I would quit
I hit the joint
a big booty come my way
(Y'all like an anal prolapse)
'Cause I eat ass everyday
(Let me vape inside your ass, wanna see that vape come out)
(Come out
And I was on 24 7 prolapse
Watch it collapse
Jack and go splat
Like dropped Jello
Me and El turn 50
When the hype mellow
Feel mad long now
When East
a little prolapse
Feeling like I'm Grady way the beat is getting kidnapped
Slap her in the face dababy
Use a mega condom only fucking on her safely
I ain't
or just prolapse

I got no time
Time to breath in air
Fill my lungs and break my heart
I've lost my mind 
And I'll lose it again

I got no time

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