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time has come fi some quality producing

From outta yard I choose which fruit me plant 
Take it from di tree, juice it, fruits me want
Turn it into music
Producing shit 
producing trash 
producing whores 
producing sex 
producing beer 
producing fun 
producing noise 
producing madness 
no day off from
producing slappers
The chatter
Don't get to me nigga I move with swagger, uh
I been carrying so long nigga my back hurt
A snapper
Walk up to me asking if I'm
to work in the thunder 
Producing roots that'll shine in the summer 
Lost out
If I gave up, when I fell down, would I be here?
I wonder 
Wish I knew when
Blew life in so many producing these tracks
So many asking where I been Chasing that sack so uh

Game Over the real is back
I'm the burgcity goat
the digits I'm fixing not slipping
I'm producing and shipping these beats I'm getting them out
I know you stay running your mouth you ain't getting no amounts
I think I'ma start with making ripples in the water
Then I'm taking over, making stages, going farther
I'm gon' keep producing, I don't care who
over due
Producing you
Depriving you
Mistreating you
Blood revenue
So here we go
Get more dough
Mister big show
Sign right here
Don't you fear
Feeding my addiction producing lyrics divine
Feeding my addiction producing lyrics divine
I create in dark alleys
A rift in my mind
Feeding my
over due
Producing you
Depriving you
Mistreating you
Blood revenue
So here we go
Get more dough
Mister big show
Sign right here
Don't you fear
I run it like a marathon
Pick up a new pack and I smoke it til the pair is gone
I feel like a paragon
Writing all the raps and producing all
Cut the bush down
Never beat around
Tell it like it is
I'm looking for
The higher grounds
Music is my call
I'm producing them good sounds
on the haps
Kinda benefits me some

I'm just working on my music
Workin on my sound
This here be my new shit
Cabbage came around
He got to producing
Fresh up
we producing
If you being snoopy pew pew
I make moves I make moves
I got to watch yo move
What you do what you doing
With my snoop with my snoopy
the people i followed i had around

I wasn't producing gold
My music it never sold

How i felt was never relevant
I just go with the flow

Now we making music
It's hot asl

We Producing hot shit
We producing hot shit
It's hot asl

When I drop shit get hot
When I drop shit get rocked
Don't tell me what I'm
acting, producing,
What makes her think that she can? Or better yet song writing, acting, producing
What does she think, she's a man?
One day a Tony,
a shoe-shine, party, but
The ratings are soft now

Who is producing you (your main man?)
Sweet, sweet love will shine and never dim, yeah

The freak
Of robots yes yeh
All forms of life
Would eventually stop

But now dem dog gone crazy
Mass producing test tube babies

Oil a wild goose chase
No I ain't like all
Moving nothing like the rest
Whenever nightfall
I'm producing at my best
Working to provide all
Push thru it despite all
Love like a fantasy yeah baby you and me
Mental Intimacy
Yeah your minds telling me you wanna do it
And your body's producing all the juices
If you want
lurking tryna hit me for some cash
Can't compare to no one else producing new shit that'll last
Bags to those that helped me win but no one else gonna get
I'm up till late I'm producing
Working, grooving
Really I ain't even choosing
No options for failing or loosing
Wake up at half six
Time to harvest
I’m Still Humble at heart even though my music soaring
Producing hits overseas like I’m foreign, some still trying they best to ignore this

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