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well,'cause it's me who dies

There's a funeral procession
There's a funeral procession in my mind
This is my funeral procession
There's a funeral
bloody liar

Follow your obsession
Get your funeral procession
Follow your obsession
Watch your funeral procession

Welcome to the other
Can't you see 'em, in obscene procession? 
Clad in fox fur all cocky, they're violent and insane 
Pink and wobbling with all their possessions
When the procession of love goes by 
They search for you 

Late at night, she awakes 
Arising from her tomb 
Late at night, she walks the streets
the shelf
Before the date stamped on myself

Did a large procession wave their (Did a)
Torches as my head fell in the basket, (large pro-)
And was everybody
and the marching of their feet,
A procession is coming down on High Street
And bound to depart they have shackled to their cart
the poor lad who is heading for
En groupe en ligue en procession 
En bannière en slip en veston 
Il est temps que je le confesse 
A pied à cheval et en voiture 
Avec des gros
of the merciless claw
Their fangs enforce the primordial law - a venomous procession

Cold-blooded outbreak
A war to reclaim the food chain
Serpentine vengeance
HA~I にぎやかキングス・ロード
怪しい笑顔 まきちらし
thought the wolves would be impressed 
And you're a sinking stone 
But you know what it's like to hold the jeweler's hand 
That procession of pioneers
to wipe out the inhuman

Shattered shreds of life, tearing my inner side
Rise from the turf, as my guts regurge
Procession to the wise, gasping
procession of righteous living, living
Instead let there be a flood of justice
Instead of a show

Your eyes are closed when you're praying
You sing right
that surrounds them
Looks whithered and half dead
And even your own head's been there
You feel the depression
And join the procession
As you
I can't learn my lessons
These plates that I'm spinning
Soon they'll smash on the ground
Make a loud crashing sound
And I am still an open book
The procession's disordered
You protect your possessions
In light of your actions
I question your love
May I make an observation
Your bite is worse than my
tears heaven apart

There is no salvation
The end is failing no need to remain
This stained procession of religious failure
Is the birth of tragedy

who find no rest
We hear their whisper calling
Breathe in the night (at last)

Follow us
Into the procession of ghosts
Unite with them
Where the way
continuation A path to paradise Witness the blessed rotten flesh Mercy!  These processions I've joined are not bound for rebirth They are frozen Heading for
And daughters of the heavens

You will not ever be forgotten by me
In the procession of the mighty stars
Your name is sung and tattooed now on my heart
You're invited to join the procession
There is someone I'd like you to meet
She looks like she might be for hire
But you won't find her out in
Une femme fumait au seuil d'une boutique
Guettant la procession à l'angle de la rue
Main sur la hanche gauche elle attendait mutique
Au soleil
Lead us to war, war!
Return home because war's where the heart is
Lead us to war, war!
A procession fallen into submission

Black skies surround
The procession's disordered
You protect your possessions
In light of your actions
I question your love
May I make an observation
Your bite is worse than my
Immortal morals, catch up with time
Vault of darkness, filled with hate

Deny life, addiction to death
Procession of damnation, expulsion

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