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and me
Is New Jerusalem
It's a machine

Central processing unit

Central processing unit

Who knows what makes this world go round
You only get to watch it go down
It's my progress in this process
As I'm processing this project
Aye Yo,
Lord, have mercy on this processing fool
Lord, have mercy on, on this processing fool
She won't have a process head, she's seen
Walking up and down
when I close my eyelids

(Processing, Download) 
(Processing, Download)
(Processing, Download)
(Processing, Download)

I'll keep it mutual 
Open your
Hot keys and frequency
No privacy
Walls have ears
Doors have eyes
Phones have both
Everything about everybody
No privacy
"How are you processing this?"
I said I was in the studio getting ready to sing
Then the drummer walked in and said
"Hey, did you see this?"
reliably and frequently get the chills from music have more fibers connecting the auditory cortex to the emotional feeling and emotional processing states
Multiple errors detected 
Initializing Program
produced it


Pistols or Poverty
Fistful Democracy 
Getting them Dollars we
Sittin in Processing 
Nigga you probably 
Sitting too comfortably 
Listen we
and they say it is a crime
Processing my motions but it takes time
Wanted me an ocean but had lake times
Someone moving salty so we made brime
Now we chase
O de gha n'ile tewa
A jo ran, ni kekere mo ranti fi
Me pan'mi neyinkunle bami ooh
A jo, a be ghan
Eh! Cassava Processing Company ni Ikoya
A jo, a be
I'm down low, once again
I'm down here, here again
Processing, thinking things through
I'm down here, here again
Choices, so hard to make
What to do,
don't wanna be found
I'm in agony
I don't want to be seen
I'm just processing I'm tired of reality
I'll be faraway
I'll be faraway
I'm taking my time
Everything we need
The earth provides
They're  processing your food Feeding you lies
I am not trying to live
Just to survive
And I always give my
Welcome to Teleport Station Ur, Miss Miller
Please, place your luggage in the processing unit and step forward to the preparation section
riches in glory, aye
You got riches in glory, you got, you got riches in glory

Your transaction is processing 
Your transaction is processing 

We gon’ go slow (Slow) (Slow)
I’m still processing a lot of these feelings baby
I know you need time you’re still healing
But I want you around me
We have ourselves a deal
All the things, what happened here
Always with the processing
Tired of the loading screen
Got to find out what it means
Processing data
Computing logic
Begin to build the mainframe
Logging info
Erasing files
Now you are losing control

A spark of life
A momentum
the fucking product and leave this fucking building. 

Debit or credit, credit. Now you're sliding it all right. Not processing. Fuck what happened. Not do it
Program disconnection detected
Program reboot initiated
Reboot Successful
User 843 undetected
I'm vitamin-enriched
What's more, I'm absolutely wholesome!
No artificial processing or anything so loathsome!
You'll fancy me at lunch, not
showing and up showing you 
Any time you a fling a stone it and up hitting you
The things you are processing and are processing you
You claim say you
Lots to let go of
Lots of positive processing
Lots of negative processing
I still think about it
I still grieve
Don't know what you're up to
But I am

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