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1 In To 2equal To Probability Of Hand 3
And Given Hand Into Probability Of Hand 4
Given 1 And 2 Into Probability Of Hand 5 Given Hand 1 And 2...
of fact.
The FCC gets on your back, the station manager says it's whack.
The probability that you'll loose your show on 90.1? 1.0.
Let's say that you're

It's a long shot, but I say why not
If I say forget it, I know that I'll regret it
It's a long shot just to beat these odds
The chance is we won't
Have Forecast Me
A Troubled Being
Without Gravity

Are Expecting Me
To Cause A Scene
And Pay Penalties

Just In
Take me down to the sea
Perfect patterns of probability
Where the water meets the land
In the strands of the golden sand
And in those patterns in
Just rise now
From that darkened sea

Defy all your probabilities
Turn your back on "your what must be's"
Your reality 

In Dystopia
In Dystopia

We can
Could exploit and deceive 
Conditional reflex theories and changing probabilities 
It's a crass and raucous crackass place 
It's a plague upon
A lessened utility,
 A loss of mobility
 Is a strong possibility.
 In all probability
 I'll lose my virility
 And you your fertility
 And desirability,
The odds or probability
Of losing all capacity
To function it's hereditary
No antibiotic can save us now
No, no, no, no, no
We are the virus that we talk
Today's probability of precipitation is one hundred percent 
Huh, stay safe, pay attention

予測不能 typhoonみたい
かき回され stop する mind
理性に鍵掛け 耳を塞いでも
probabilities only seen through mobtability, feelin' me

Could exploit and deceive
The conditional reflex theories
Change the probabilities, I said it's a
Crass and raucous crackass place
With a Pavlov
keep it N to the G up
I stay away from knobs
If there's a known probability
Then I'm gonna tell man "probs"

Call shots, go against odds
Can't go
grown but the little boy is still in me
We discuss monogamy polygamy the odds of probability
Your momma ain't feeling me it stung like a killer bee
Darwin first did the imminent service of arousing attention to the 
Probability of all change in organic, as well as in the inorganic world,
to a madman's situation.

Life is a dream, time does come true, and in my sleep I think of you,
Feather bed by myself.
Basically probability says that fate's come
probabilities, but I got somethin' much better.

My Rocket 88, fastest in the land.
Crucial, crucial, velocity.
My Rocket 88, fastest in the land.
Expectations and possibilities 
Don't need no crystal ball across the probability 
I plan to take you home, do what you do to me 
Come be my
The probability of chance
The capital of Turkey
And the president of France

Don't ask me, got no genius to mention
And I just don't know what
you better than 'Bis
Not possible - if I can't pronounce it, it ain't rhymable
The audible probability probably ain't probable
Supreme rap, G Rap,
Expectations and possibilities 
Don't need no crystal ball across the probability 
I plan to take you home, do what you do to me 
Come be my
you've got to admit
In terms of the probability of life being discovered

Lot of niggas never get through
A lot of niggas never get you
Thanks for
forty-five seconds till infinity
Time won't change your mind we're meant to be
It feel good, thinking bout probability
The thought of moving on is only killing
of impurities
Maturity's key to fight the rising obscurities
Vulnerability as an incompatibility
When the probabilities start to favor hostility
But possibility

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