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Heroin, extacy, oxycontin, vicodin, coca cola everything up in our jeans
Even methamphetamines
Get this bread by any means
Pcp, lsd,
K dot, pick up the phone, every time I call it's going to voice mail
Don't tell me that got you on some weirdo rap shit
No socks and skinny jeans
Du Milchschnitte ich Klitschko, Vitali, Export
Import, Textil billig Jeans, In mein Kopf Remix,
MJ Billie Jean, Ah das ist mein Life-Style
the mortician, you know that shovel is on me
To put em in the earth, I do my dirt all by my lonely

I’m all about the Benjy’s
But that bring jealousy and envy
and skinny jeans and shit. Call me on Shaniqua's phone

I been A-1 since day one, you niggas boo boo
Your home boy, your block that you're from, boo boo
smokin' that la-la-la
Easy rider, joint roller, my 9-5
You can prolly smell it in the car when we ridin' by
More like all the way up, we ain't kinda high
I've seen
Nigga, it's torture
Look in my mind and see the horrors
All the shit that I've seen

I feel like a prisoner of war
Reacting sporadically
lookin brand new on 20 inch shoes
7 inch greens big jeans I'm chiefin the green
Feelin like +Andre and Big Boi+ +So Fresh, So clean+

I tell ya we
of the pages they sit in
And never once I get bitten
Because plagiarism is hidden
Which I would sit on the rhythm
Prisoner with a vision
Signs of a label,
to chrome gats
Levis to Guess jeans, black and white to big screens
Six by nine to 18's, Bumsalack to sipping lean
Regals with white walls, 20 inch with
survive, but surprise

Now what nigga? Only drugs sell quicker

Been chained in the dungeons of rap and held prisoner
You'll find me, cruisin' the Ave.,
Sittin' in the bar, playing Keno on a Wednesday
Pumpin' quarters in the jukebox, MJ
Rockin' Billie Jean, Jilly nodding off, silly
Sniffin' thirty
black jelly beans
I'm on the scene in my jeans, smokin' weed from a sac
Muthafucka, where you at? I got cocaine raps

Ya hardcore CB4 uproar made a nice
I tell your bitch, "Grab my dick! Ha! Now masturbate it!"
Don't catch feelings man 
How she not feelin' Cam?
And look her by the waist feelin' like
step, mobbed by the mouth a bit
Pause, put me under stress
Crawled under rocks, ducking y’all, it’s respect
But then tomorrow, put my back against

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