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'cause I'm all alone 
Combing the beach with my metal detector, combing the beach 'cause I'm all alone 


Primed till you rock
God damn it all
Cutting ties with the AI
To the other side
So what's in store for me tonight
System override me

The signal is primed
We need a little
in your hand
It's an eye for an eye when your high horse dies

Primed and ready
Feelin' nasty, seein' red
Locked and loaded
Locked and loaded
expecting to fail?
Are you digging in deep?
Do you intend to prevail?

A three hundred and sixty?
First class degree deal?
Are you primed?
Are you
Talk isn't worth the time it spans
Every time it escalates
Every time it escalates
Every time it escalates
Every time it
Looking out for number one.
Ours is a primed time.
The finite thrill of the loathing - a streak in our life bearing =
It strengthens to soothe
endless cycle harder to breath

Lost inside my mind is filling
Primed with muddled regret
But still you don't forget
To take me one more

Step to the left
This is the way I'll be comin' for yer
I'm all primed up like a double barrel shooter

Like a shotgun, honey
Just like a shotgun, yeah
I'm a shotgun, oh
Young renegade
Drink pulp fiction in lemonade

Our enemies...

In minutes maid...

Games in da squeeze?
Let me penetrate

Primed real
Forever is infinite like my love for she
My valentine for all of time the wife for me
Infinite Valentine's is our legacy
This rhyme has been primed
feel you burn inside
You want to rock and roll
All the night you’re letting go
You and I our tainted souls
As to fact that we let go
Focused primed
primed, and wired wrong
Yeah, I'm ready to explode
Nothing sexual or personal, it's just
That's the way I roll

Into your room like a flash bang
The pin is
knots, hide,

 Reveal, Reveal...
the secret, covered by,
pencil marks,
the kill!
You rule the world, but I can't see a reason why!
In for the kill!
Don't you try! Don't you try to bring me down!
In for the kill!
Primed for hate,
primed by everything I know
I am a human missile guided by a secret voice
That commands my every action and wills me on my way

There is no turning
Is your mind made up or willing
To be changed or to stay true
Are you primed to make the killing
Or too scared to follow through
When all the blood
Is your mind made up or willing
To be changed or to stay true
Are you primed to make the killing
Or too scared to follow through
When all
Primed For Time
Hey now!
Pulled up back of the parking lot
This ain't Miss Daisy now, look what I got
.357 and it's primed for time
I'm just 16
والكل مسكوني و كفانى

Behold every scare in my mind's eye
Frightful events is what primed I
To reach forth with the force of divine light
It's just your size and it's up for lease
I'm primed and ready
C'mon and stick me
While the getting's good
In the neighborhood
this everything just aligns
I align body soul and mind
Imagination game strong
Mindset all ready to go go go
Properly primed
I align my body soul
To an audience primed for a fight
The truth to these words as the sky to the birds
You will know by the ease of my flight

It's the steel and wood
A fiction where
were better than this by now

Seems like every time
Your life is primed to rise
Instead you make some conscious choice to fall

How many years will you
Primed and ready
Waiting for you
Hold your tongue
Cause I adore you

Dare to find
A road that's wide
I'll wait
Die to see
What's locked in me

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