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at my side

By water, by air, by fire, by earth

Oh purificator water, essence of life
Mirror of time, drown the lies

Earth, mother's man
Stone pride defines time
Ever all knowing time

Following endless serpents of Jade
Weary travellers on the crossroads of life
Driven by hatred braided
rumble of thunder

Rain beat against my face
Quench the thirst of mother earth
The wind in my hair
Behold the flash of the silver hammer

and to poison even the air
and he killed every beast
and taught the seas how to bleed
Burned by the fire we make,
what a shame
Then the winds gave in
of blood and fire gorging on the sacred feast
Bounty of the goddess offered by the avatar
White blood spills with the singing of the scimitar

Rotten vile human pride
With fire rival the earth shall die

--- a thousand times 
I was tempted by the fire
And with fire I shall depart.
fire their fate shall be repayed

Oh God, pride of man
Broken in the dust again

Turn around go back down
Back the way you came
And shout
Unbolt the wind to me!
Brag I with audacious pride.
But that first gust of him
Makes me stumble and shrink.

My barque is covered up
With leaves
Sunlight, falling on your steel,
Death in life is your ideal,
Life is like a wheel, rolling on and on.

Through earth and water, fire and wind,
you came
Get the fire as the flame it burns
Get the wind as it slowly turns
Get the earth as it circles by
Get the sky sea creation fly

This point
[Rap: ]
The boys 
We're just chillin' with Earth, Wind & Fire 
This is my desire 
Talking 'bout culture 
I'm a vulture 
Just like the beat
the world any brighter
By even one star. 

Awake, awake, awake.

Wind, water, fire, and stone.
Storms of sand, closing over the sun
Sand, fire, water,
Lightning spoke to the wind, "The devil's in me today, my friend
Do you see that old oak tree down yonder?
Blow like hell and bring down thunder
Of Wisdom... Black Tongue Of Fire
Coming To Take My Hand
To This Eve Of The Black Moon
Hear The Choirs
The Sounds Of Winds That Brought Back Their Cries
keeps me on the road again
It's earth wind and fire I don't own thunder
It's owned by a love of mine
With a beat
Of the drum the made your head spun
keeps me on the road again
It's earth wind and fire I don't own thunder
It's owned by a love of mine
With a beat
Of the drum the made your head spun
Burning, burning with desire
Burning for the steel

Hearts On Fire

For years shunned by society
Outcasts, condemned for our beliefs
Our legions grew in
Come to the Fire 

To summon the Devil, our Lord and Messiah 
Unholy Night 
Mankind filled with Fright 
Satan waits in Pride 

The mighty reign of devastation
Is raging wild all trough the land
Sowing the winds of desperation
A deadly breeze by the Serpents hand

Darkest night,
to the wind
By sagging spirits the hopes were pinned
To rock in the ropes of sand

denying the peril, pride goes before a fall
Picking its way to the port
Across the wasteland, over blood red seas
A mighty rider comes with blackened steel
He is here to free the earth
By the gift of metal, by a sacred
Running hard out of Muskrat Flats
It was sixty days or double life
Hail on my back like a shotgun blast
High wind chimes in the night

Oh oh, the pride
Come winds and fire
Exalt death in endless flame
Blasting thunder from bloody storm
Grinding flesh thru acid winds
Damned be the mankind empire
enemy comes forth
Loke, the son of FĂ„rbaute.. Father of
Born of earth, unbound by laws
Takk weeps no heavy tears
For the loss of the sun's handsome
true love never dies

Well, the fires of anger turn to ashes
Your pride will forsake you, by and by
The lonesome is not surely passin'
That ol'

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