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No Pretense  


Presenting pretense. 
In this age of bedside woes, we're presenting pretense. 
Their lack of vision is your lack of life. 
If you look into you,
up such a poor pretense
Don't hide a shred of evidence
We have no defense

A fool says
Love is foolproof
A fool says
Love is foolproof
A fool says

Enter the scene, horrific violence, deceptive pretense
Feeble attempt to mislead with false evidence, corpus delicti

Luminol reveals the truth
you walking
through my mind
Just like now today I don't have much to say
but I will in time
All of the pretense, no reason for pretense
Be true now
to make it right

I'm on the wire over and higher
Over the pretense over the (spire) why
On and connected I'm over floating now
I'm over floating alone
that flight?
Would you walk right in?

So meet me down at the bottom line
And open my heart with your hands
And we'll hear the sound of pretenses
3 black crows were sitting on a fence
Watching the world pass them by
Laughing at humanity and its pretense
Wondering where next to fly
And tackle this what shackles us all of this pressing business.

Well, why didn't you tell me that things had gotten this bad?
I was off in my
We were dinosaurs in the end
We were carnivore to pretend
Like we'd opt out of survival
In lieu of some revival pretense

Got this belly of salt
like I'm so tough
But you take me in your arms
And I fall completely apart

All my defenses, all my pretenses
Baby you get to me
Through every
everybody owes me a favor 

If the look on my face is any indication 
I keep giving in to temptation 
He creates a false pretense 
That it was self
Put up the barriers
Shut down your senses
Cover up with all of your pretenses
See no evil
Your eyes are blunted
We are the hunters
We are
Sorry if I don't fake it
Sorry I come too real
I will never hide what I really feel huh, so here it is
No hype, no gloss, no pretense
Just me
that the pretense would never end
As I soak in rivers opaque
My mind drinks the fluid - it drinks of it's thirst
The fluid of my existence
Or as eating brains 
Can cure primitive intellect 
The history of my mistakes 
Bases on the pretense 
Of being paid to 
Paint over spiders
I'm looking down by the streets end
Girl you've been lacking a pretense

So save your money for the weak you're gonna kill
Cause I got something
did for me?
I'll leave you in the dark with a broken flashlight
You left me with a choice and a pretense

I will not follow in your footsteps
Don't make no sense (Sense, sense)
Shit's shady
Don't make no sense
No false pre-tense
That's gangsta, nigga
Don't make no sense
No false

You resemble a butterfly
It is only a pretense
You forget to have been
called a moth sometime...
A sense of beauty...
Fakeに悦楽 Alcoholじゃ溶けぬART
and fame
As a corporate as the suits you won't wear
As stupid as the jeans you tear
As evil as the pretense you care
God save us all from Satan's stare
Trading her body in the pretense of love
Prevention of instinct
Survival never a second throught, submit
The wall to survive, buried absolute
life was hit or miss
I living under the false pretense
that you were so special
that you were someone
you are no one just like me
now you know
the wind
Rid my head of this pretense
Allow myself no mock defense
As I step into the night

But Mercy's eyes are blue when she places them in front
Don't make no sense (Sense, sense)
Shit's shady
Don't make no sense
No false pre-tense
That's gangsta, nigga
Don't make no sense
No false

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