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Admit to ourselves that everyone's on it
From grown politicians to young adolescents
Prescribing themselves anti-depressants
Now how can we start
Admit to ourselves that everyone's on it?
From grown politicians to young adolescents
Prescribing themselves antidepressants

But how can we start
pot quacks with cracked up egos 
(Prescribing old placebos) 
Collecting junk that we dont need, no 

I see them now and then 
Still spitting out
Ride by Georgia Tech with a TEC (TEC)
Prescribing that lean, percs, and Xanax (lean)
Slime nigga, I got shades on my neck (slime, YSL)
I rock
No Ceilings, full dose, I'm prescribing
Medication free
And for meditation we
Smoke some better tasting weed
That you'll ever taste or see
my prescription, prescribing, then hit the pharmacy
I got some hoes that been diving on my mind, mentally
Roll up the kush, and let's get high,
Doctors are now prescribing medicine.
It makes those who fear they're about to quit
Feel like they're ready to begin.
Bidding their darkened spirits
more, as the fame builds
But my shrink keep prescribing me the same pills
Can't kill a motherfucker just for lookin' at me
Even though I know his ass is
more, as the fame builds
But my shrink keep prescribing me the same pills
Can't kill a motherfucker just for lookin' at me
Even though I know his ass is
They gotta deal with the terrorism, in their skull
But there's a cure the government likes to hit them with
Prescribing promises and pills
All the doctors and the pills
Can cure the way I feel about myself
Afraid to ask for help
From everyone, For everything
Prescribing ends to society
ritalin in the mind of a child psychiatrist
like try this energising medicine i’m prescribing kinda twist
warning this is a strong narcotic keep out
break banks and
mother's hearts     
trust institutions 
pens to pads
prescribing overdoses

then blame the youth 
Fentanel gnawing
on cold
and nervous laughter
It's like a doc prescribing suicide

At least I'm singing while I'm crying

C'mon girl
Resuscitate me
Love is a heart disease
Gimme surgery
In the year 1486 the Malleus first appeared,
Designed to kill all witchcraft and end the papal fears:
Prescribing tortures to kill the Black Arts;
her freedom
He leads the death march, he's only prescribing leaving

Our history has highs so full of surprises
He loves to crack us open and turn
allegiance to a few common interests

Claw my way to the top of the centipede
The sum of its parts is prescribing me symmetry
Every bone picked
doctor keeps prescribing psychotherapy for two
He says, That dame must be insane to love a lunatic like you!

Crazy woman, it's plain to see
You met your
generations while.. 
prescribing dangerous medications 
that kill and kill us off I wish I could kill a cop 
But Im not built to poison my clientele 
Im nirvana
as right and wrong, I know the difference
But right is oh so dull, and no one's interested.

Amsterdamage doctors, prescribing recipes
With side
prescribing to
I'll move on to better things
and you'll be better too

walk in on something I don't wanna
see but I can't forget
those blueprints that you laid
and prescribing accurate alignment
The center of attention, we'll bend a agenda
To enter this rap game the number one contender
The outta sight, and dope lyrical
(We're prescribing you a medication, fuck)

Doctor says that I'm so lonely
A mistake on the painting of my family
But that big smudge is what i
to trust, I'm so overprotective
They say the youth is depressed, they're over energetic
Prescribing Ritalin to fill 'em with anti-depressants
My brother's

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