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to know that we like you all too
But as for the sucker who will write the review
If his mind is prehensile
(Mind is prehensile)

He'll put down his
He looks in the mirror and copies his friend
Maybe he knows as much as you can know
More than can be seen with a prehensile mind
But he's still looking
Injury, hunger, thirst

Reptile, prehensile
Servile, editorial
Gentile, fatal
It clings fast
A purple primate,the
Snairs cast
The endless chatter?
It's truth and lie
A double standard,
It's live or die
and sands
Stand ill, forget a live band just my mouth and hand
And even man wasn't prehensile
I'd still find ways to grip mikes, hold my tip when I piss
trees fast
Abe Lincoln, shape-shifting in geometry class
Some go the dental way when instrumentals play
Vast rhymes, I grasp minds with my prehensile
There's mud in the face of the American dream 
And it's all a small part of the mud-monster's scheme
The mud that he throws with his prehensile toes
the Benz tho
If you was talkin' shit on me before
Know that I'm gon' be revengeful
Fucking this bitch her pussy so extensile
Need my money I'm prehensile
a stencil, we
Both got a tale
Mine's prehensile
I broke the mold
You cant count how old
Hence we'll, see
Leave em shook up
Cook up, and you're fed
Like you
Call me special, stickman stencil, thin like pencil
I've got a thumb so I can pick up and use them utensils
My credential? I'm prehensile 
And I
Now note the ease with which I swing so nimbly
Hither and Yon
Witness as I perform an amazing double somersault
And catch myself with my prehensile
prehensile minds
We sons of the wilderness--unchained and free,
Cast our spirits to fly with the birds through the trees
(See a bloodline that extends from
Running Chasing Snarling Growling
Hunting Stalking Shrieking Howling
In the shadows he is roaming
Prehensile jaws- his mouth is foaming

Call me special, stickman stencil, thin like pencil
I've got a thumb so I can pick up and use them utensils
My credential' I'm prehensile 
And I

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