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Every choice brings, the potential for wonderful things 
But can preclude avenues there are songs that I'll never sing 

Well I've lost, and I've won
in you

Early to bed, and early to rise
Precludes you from seeing the most brilliant starry nights
Sticks and stones can break bones, words can`t
They are exaggerated dirt
Usually precludes
Any detailed background
There are no room left for,
I have however done several sets
Um O My! Larger
Coerce me to preclude you from such extravagance


अभी-अभी इसी जगह पे इक लड़की देखि है
अरे देखि है अजी देखि है
अभी-अभी इसी जगह पे इक लड़की देखि
Now forged at last
And set upon corporeal time
That it may be undone to preclude the world's collapse
vorrei che ci si abituasse
A stare ognuno a dovute distanze
L'indifferenza è una brutta tendenza
Che ci separa e preclude la scelta
Ripenso ai baci, i
There's a rain approaching
I can see those dark clouds hover
To preclude as a warning sign
Well that's more than I can say happened with our love affair
Com'è che
Quando parlate di includere
Il diverso lo si esclude
In cerca di un modo di vivere
Essere punto lo si preclude

Sale la nausea con le
Does not preclude diversity
Celebrate our differences and out commonalities
Take King's dream make it a reality
Peace and love should not be
choice to produce it
Let go of thought that is not conducive 
That precludes it why don't you try
I know you have fallen but you haven't died
You would
Eterpetual light
A stream of neutrally charged particles
Is staying alive
Preclude you from stepping out of darkness
Eterpetual light
the pain that it precludes
If I could open the door and slightly lift the hood
I’m heading out to you, I know that I should
But still I’m never coming back
the worst in yourself in that manner
Suppressing it
You preclude the possibility of the best
and harrowing
Precludes my view I settle in
My girl is such an optimist 
We can't agree on everything
She holds me down an lifts me up
I wish I shared her point
Present happiness precludes
Julie, do you like me?
Do you like my shitty body?
Do my poorly fitting blue jeans make you smile?
Do you like my lousy
man deceive you
The image we bear renewed
The mark we bear now precludes
Ensuing clashes share truth
Don't give the fruit we need to move
Into an age
and consumer of life
Devourment to preclude the prophecy

Within the somber, horrid depths of the wilderness
Thy shall hearken to thy voice; I beseech thee for
name is Anthony Gonsalves

Ohh Really

right right
मैं दुनिया में अकेला हूँ

You see such extenuating circumstances
Coerce me to preclude you from such
to preclude the discard


I don't want to spend life on the back of a postcard
Aren't you tired of spending life looking for green grass
precludes me from being a fake ho
Call me Draco
When I slither in to make dough
Scars gouged by the double-headed eagle
Unbound when the rednecks killed my
taking things as the come and then so gently watching
them go

Gently traipsing on the wire
Falling soon, falling soon
Falling preclude being one with
whose own existence precludes the basic knowing
There's more to life than witchcraft
To seek eternal logos 
We started all the fires
Ignite every heart
Love is love, love is good, love is fine

Something we should not preclude
Why should we choose the solitude?
I know you're afraid, you have been
chains for the neck of your forefathers, they will preclude to follow 
dogs will bark fiercely to their masters.

What You crucified is bleeding your

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