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Mary Prankster  


down the walls
It's alive in you
You're gonna keep your head up through it all
You're gonna bust out ohh
Original Prankster
Break out yeah
What do you do with a drunken sailor
Who do you see in Caligari's mirror
How do you like those pranksters' cheats so early in the morning
room so she prays 
For a prankster and lust 
In the marriage bed 
And he waits till she can give 
And he waits and he 

Many claim to be a gangsta 
But that gangsta ain't a gangsta 
That gangster is a prankster yea a pranksters
How I rank yea at the sight
need it 
Behind the back girl I've seen it 
Take me as a joking prankster 
I can't believe my girlfriends a gangsta 

Not my baby 
I lost my trust
ever, Big Tookie
Rules and regulations choose my innovation
Cruise my levitation
Smooths my reputation
Will bankin', no prankster
For 21 years been
the past." she said, 
When the Merry Pranksters rolled, 
The cats and dogs in harmony, 
And the ppigs do what they're told. 
"Get back on the bus," she
Huh, huh, huh 
Mister Cee, are you wit me, uh 
Mister Cee, are you wit me, dig it

Gangster or prankster, define yourself, huh 
And put that
The Earth it did crack open
On the day that I was born
And a thousand merry pranksters
Came dancin' through the storm.

I lay cradle bound
The Earth it did crack open
On the day that I was born
And a thousand merry pranksters
Came dancin' through the storm.

I lay cradle bound
Sittin' around the house, gettin' high and watchin' tube
And eating Colonel's chicken, drinkin' Heineken brew
And I'm a gangster, I'm a prankster
Hey Mister prankster prankster
Story book gangster
Back in 86 you wore pumps and masscara
Down did the motherfuckin wreckin crew bid
But once
the acolytes of gloom
And Death's Head throws his cloak onto the corner of my room and I am doomed,
But laughing in my courtyard play the pranksters of my
keep it real'
'Thou shall flex his G's'
'Thou shall stack his green'
'Thou shall stay true to his game'
See I'm a gangsta, not a prankster
I don't pull
Taking'it to all the lands
And trading it for gold
So all you brothers and sisters

Pranksters and tricksters
Chucklehead hipsters
Hop on for the ride
the acolytes
Of gloom
And Death's Head throws his cloak into
The corner of my room
And I am doomed
But laughing in my courtyard play the pranksters
Of my
to the sea but they knocking on my door again 

Yo, I'm not a gangster, I'm not a beggar 
I'm not a, I'm not a pimp, I'm not a prankster 
I'm not
the pranksters

Runnin' from the officer
City executioner
Come alive don't dive into the violent life
So leave the light on

'Cause I'll be coming right
I grab the mic and do it like it's supposed to

You ain't no gangsta, nigga, you just a wanksta
I schooled you back in the days, you just a prankster
Worldstar, Amiland, Ghettostyle, Fetzerei
Gangster, Prankster, Al-Gear, Vitali
Cola, Spritze, Gummibären, Vitamin
O-M-G, Smiley, L-O-L, haha
pretty gangster (gangster)
Said she was better than me, what a prankster (prankster)
He said, "You bad, Nicki," I said, "Thanks, sir" (thanks, sir)
to fearless?
Merry pranksters one and all
And walk that devil down the hall

Yes it's all disappearing
And we should all just go along
And it all would be
that they pranksters
This is going out to you studio gangstas
See I did dirt, put in work, and many niggas can vouch that
So since I got stripes, I
a stamped
'cause I'm all up in your face again, I'm all up in your face.


A wannabe gangstar, a victim of the chromosome prankster
I thanks

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