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a trip to iraq
Big tuna going ham
Call me john krasinski
Call me john krasinski
Call me john krasinski
Call me john krasinski
I went from pranking dwight
rylo, gang
Starts all that pranking thinks he's cool look like he Paul no Logan
Watch who you be speakin' to cause I be on the block like legos
of weeks)

Hey Miss we're not strangers
And please don't think that I'm famous
I'm not pranking on a show that airs for
Views across the nation

Hoped you
And they didn't give a fuck
Never given a fuck, aye

I just love pranking
No I'm not faking
I've never care about anything
My reputation is just legendary
I don't have call-waiting
Hey, was that you pranking me?

The sheep within wearing wolf's skin
Weak vagiant amongst midgets

Snot and cum, piss
Nevermind neutrality
Overbearing obstacles obliviated obviously
Promisingly pranking pathetic posers properly
My Quiver queing quality. Question quabbles
mixed with caviar
You reaching for the glizzy up the stick you finna see gulag
These niggas out here pranking with the money, it’s just a marage
Hiding in
a restautant with lots of people eating
I call the cops and say my underwear is naughty
They hang up they think I'm pranking with reality
All of a sudden, i know
waiting 1
Bih call me her lil baby
Said bih don't call pranking cuz
I'ma player like Bill Bellamy
James Harden, James Worthy
Never been to the state
Never would thought you'd help me this much
They should of helped me without pranking me
Teenagers do stupid stuff
This Time

Most people have giving up
loss when the schism sets in
I can see which side your on going back to the source

Pranking someone on important issues
I can see it's not important
up the love ain't really please me
Uh, Uh, Mm
Straight up
Putting words into existence about to go way up
People think I'm pranking but this shit ain't
juste pouvoir vivre, de ton amour être ivre

You crazy, if you thinking that you can have me
Who's pranking me 
I'm sorry but I'm waiting my nigga now so
we pranking em
Straight 20s nigga woah
We’ll wipe a nigga nose
Fuck it kick a door
We got P’s for the low
We call em arms nigga
Pull up
Otermas C.G.C and others still living
Trainer training king
Pranked pranking everything
Youtube playing music making 
Xtra awesome type of friend
Yea we was on a wave and you started sinking
I remember all the days when we was pranking
We would chase after money just like we banking
Now I
at the mall, we were all right 
And then all night, pranking on the wrong types
A couple teenagers laughing hard round midnight 

I was all in your head 
I knew
Using minorities to vent their aggression
I used to chill and count possessions
Plot on pranking Jeff Sessions
Ride a German whip like the Hessians
with that gun
Dissing yourself with that man bun
Treating Kaylen like he's a pet
How are you not banned yet
Pranking your brother and making him cry
like yesterday we were wearing PJs to school
Pranking teachers, ditching class, floating out by the pool
But not anymore
Had all the time in the world
can't stall baby naw baby
He don't like to be on call waiting that phone ringing
He the Answer to it all ain't He, no call pranking
The Shot Caller of it
head into a bright red Mohawk
Got a nose ring he likes to sport
Smokes cigars like they're out of fashion
And pranking school kids is his passion

momma's house smashing Her brains all out
Pranking shit on halloween
Undead Oct 31st
You'd be surprised how this album is going
I live my life fast cuz I'm
Hey, hey! Come here
Oh, It's you Doc.. I know you, Foster
You're fucking pranking me
No no, I promise this time is serious
No, no way man
Ha ha this

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