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pierce the dark with light
Only by the blood are we set free.
With mercy strong to carry shame
And nail it to a tree You alone
Hold the power to redeem.
it pierces my heart,
and I step forward
Every time I see them,
I feel encouraged
Something inside me is moved
by the people around me
At times I
Misguided ones open your minds
Leave the past behind
Take the powers from beyond
And accept the sacred bond
Feel a surge pierce your soul
Always by my side to serve the Master's plan

(Power power power)
(Power power power)
(Power power power)

out to Him
With love He took me in
And I've been carried
All along the way

The hands that pierce the history
Those scar, the power lifts me up
Pieces pierce the flesh, another drops to the floor
Trembling words from years worth of damage.
Pick up the shards and slab.
Never an encouraging
miners an' the mail

Up the side a' Sunshine Mountain
By internal gas combustion
Eight Pierce-Arrow pistons pullin'
Fifteen thousand pounds a' lead
Carnival queen
All the ghosts lay by your side
Moaning, groaning songs of woe
Carnival queen
Your hair is on fire
Your arrows pierce my bones
Angels by my side

Still the light will pierce the dark
And the dark will steal the light
And grace provides these
Angels by my side
He has a thick pierce in his tongue
No reason so we just keep moving,
Making music everyday

Yeah, gonna make it work
And find the power inside us
You have lost them now (I feel my glory)
Peace enters this land
It came by my hand
With the power of sword it is done

Ice, earth, wind and fire
beneath the Moon
See the dark and mighty peaks pierce the Cumulus
Violet and mauve they sit power you can Sus'

Elvin fingers clutch a deep black cloak
powers rise
Dusk dies, uncovers disguise, now take your
Prize Before the throne you grab the sword -
Finally yours You pierce the chest of mountain
to realize just who you are
You're no more a stranger,
You are a shinning star

Stand by the power,
The power of his light
Now is the hour
For you
to please.
Which was to please.
Now I want spirits to enforce, art to enchant
And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer

Which pierces
As the dark clouds move in
It's stealing the sunshine
Warm rain falls dwon
Soothing the earth's mind

The thunder crashes down
The power
Written by Billy Cox
(As recorded by Webb Pierce w/ The Wilburn Brothers)

There's a ramshackle shack
In old Caroline
It's callin' me back
Lux venit lux venit
Lux venit sursum corda
Lux venit lux venit arise
Shine for your light has come
By sword by flame
In death solemn ages passed
The boy Pharaoh's curse is passed on

Screams of dying, I am back from beyond
Mock my religion, by the power of the God's I am strong

Surrounded by candles on the black altar
Companions and brothers, I want you on my side

Be ready now for our ritual shall begin

"Are you ready to become
haven't eaten any of that beef}

So the pierce screwed up your face
'cause your girlie liked the taste
You're infected by the tease political
So you're
been decided. By
powers greater than the average man can comprehend.
Just go along. You can't prolong it. The power it is
way too strong. Just go
Open up now
Let it all go
I'm quite certain
Say it ain't so
You're corrupted by some sick fuck
Oh no
Open up now
Head in the sky
Pierce the tongue that
I saw your face
Whiter the purity
Then I saw savages
Standing before me

Bows and arrows
Tipped with poison
Make tenderness please
Stand by my pillow
Spirits to enforce, art to enchant
And my ending is despair,
Unless I be relieved by prayer

Which pierces so that it assaults 
Mercy itself

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