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The Great Crossover Potential (The Sugarcubes) · Potential for a Fall (Sick of It All) · Do Not Ignore the Potential (The Mae Shi) · The Great Crossover Potential (The Sugarcubes) · The Potential (Tyga)

The young king, the lil homie Tyga
It's yo turn, nigga, it's yo turn, playboy
West Coast stand up to this Careless World, people
Global flying
I know by heart
And it's hard to stop ya
Once the moving starts

We've got the groovy potential
I've learned my lines
And I'm ready to play my
Suspect device has informed us of discrepancies
Limiting potentials
Synthetic lives enforced by genetic clones
Technology complicates simplicity
(Lyrics by F. Navetta, Music by T. Lombardo)
Leave me alone
See if you can do two
Restraints were hoisted on at such an early age
Straps were tightened in the class
Scripts by the school sage
Putting out the spark
Left us in
show disregard
For future generations who must endure what's left behind

No compassion,
No caution,
No forethought
Potential for a fall
see the human dark potential
This one's captured, how many are not?

Who removed all the locks?
Who could have known it was a time-bomb not just
She' don't know my name
She just know me by my aim (aim aim)
She just know me by my aim (aim aim)

Aim tyga man again
Got a little message for

My name is Jon Caffery and I am the producer of this record
It was performed by Die Toten Hosen from Düsseldorf and made in Germany
Behind the bars, can't feel the scars
Scars that won't heal wasted potential
Potential vaporization
Incineration of doubt burn away

a Saturday, I saw you waiting by the plane

I was always in a way, just a long shot
I was never in the clear of that
I am lucky just to be a potential
But I
Here I sit so fucking shy
Wondering what's going through your mind
Or what you're even like
As time ticks quickly by
A life so short, incomplete
Dreams of days gone by
Life which path to take
Flash backs hallucinations
World has changed
Back into society
See the light of day
Do you still believe the chance of a life 
And a peace exists for us beyond these walls 
Burning all illusion buried by illusion 
Our cities bleed
the city 
Livin' in the soul of the city

And the streets cry freedom 
Do you stand or retreat 
As you stare by the neon gods above 
While you bask in
instead, you took a cap
They say Tyga and Diggy but Rocky been Jiggy
Curren$y from the Wiz ain't enough to get me home
Can't really hate when they compare
big booty bitches shakin' ass by my door
Heated marble got lil mama ridin' tip-toe
My brother a Tyga, I'ma go
Let's have a replay (Replay)
I'm on it
Shorty got potential I could be her sponsor
Met her back stage at a summer jam concert
Hair like Rihanna shoe game was awesome
Could tell by her
Lil black boy
The potential's in you
The potential's in you
Lil black boy

Why do we remind me of war?
I'm begging you for a second just free
The FEMA plans to imprison American citizens have generated
A lot of interest around the country
In locating the potential prison camps throughout
Potential profit in every step
Made gentle transformation
Into the state of motion
Out of emotion mass destruction
Round the axis of rotation
on the scene
If agreed than future teens vote for me
This election,make my selection, by the most lyrically
Holding grudes was never me, my budget won't allow
I'm this thick black curtain that you see

Invitations all went out with ease

Ninety-two chances for connection die

Replaced by pitch black
Machines are set in constant
Motion without an indication
Of emotion

The medium creates the wave,
With the potential to enslave
We're dominated by
in the coffin
Just by being who I am
Is so Goddamned

I'm not the master of the Universe
I walk the Earth the wrong way
Met my potential and fulfilled

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