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of blood for a dee-posit.

And he 'splained it all to us how we was supposed to get to Telluride, which is fifty miles away by way of the regular highway,
Gone off that posit and slippin' that 4
I'm bout ta lay it down with this muthafuckin' toy
You bitches better break me off my money 'cause I'm
booster separation
Nine, eight, seven, six, five—three, two, one, zero
DJ Durel

I'm 'bout to make a deposit ('posit)
Ridin' 'round smokin' biscotti
Everything high end (high end)
I whip the Masi' (Masi')
I pop a half a Perc (half a perc)
Make a deposit ('posit)
I am not from the Earth (from
I pay my staff, to keep the lawns cut
I see all the drama you bringin'
I combine that with posit thinking
I'm me till I'm old and grey

When that

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